Some advice before buying Steem Power!

Are you using the Steemit platform? Are you going to use it? Have you just started? Do you want to buy some Steem Power, in order to let your vote have a bigger influence, and thus also give you higher curator awards?

I have been through these questions, and I have used some money on buying Steem Power, for the exact reasons mentioned in the topic. I bought Steem Power in order to make my vote count more, influence more, and thus also increase my curator awards for the articles I vote up. But, after buying Steem Power for a while, I have a thought that I would like to share.

steem power or steem dollar

Do not buy Steem Power, buy Steem Dollar (SBD)

The topic says it all, and I am quite convinced that this is what I would do if I would start again. How come?

Instead of buying 400 Steem Power (for example), I would spend the same amount of money to buy Steem Dollar. Then I would use my Steem Dollar on voting bots that will upvote my posts. Based on my experience, you get approximately the same amount of money back as you use voting bots (or even some more). But, as you use your Steem Dollar on voting bots, you will also get much more attention from other bloggers (as your posts will get hot, and maybe even trending). This will again give you many new followers, and it will make it much easier for you in the future as you write new blog posts if you already have a core audience.

Then, one week after the post was released it is payback time. The biggest amount will return to you in the form of Steem Power, the rest will be divided between Steem and Steem Dollar. Now you can visit the market and sell your Steem and buy Steem Dollar, and you keep on voting up your own posts using the voting bots. In the end,  the amount you originally wanted to use to buy Steem Power, will be Steem Power. But, the time has been your friend, because you have gotten lots of new readers, lots of upvotes, your Steemit reputation will get a big boost, and you have hopefully, earned some plus money as well!

What do you more experienced Steemit users think?

I do not have much experience, but based on the little experience I have, these are my thoughts. I would love to hear from you!


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