How to find out if someone mentions me at Steemit?

Are you a Steemit user who tries to understand the platform in a better way. How can you find out if someone mentions you in an article or a comment, or somewhere else?

Steemit is a very interesting blogging platform, built on the Steem blockchain. I have been using it for a while, and I like it a lot. But, it took me some time to learn how it works, and I still feel like a newbie in many ways. One of the questions I had, was how can I find out if someone mentions me in an article. It is possible to tag someone in a Steemit post. It can be done by typing in their username, for example like this: “@unbiasedwriter.” Now, if someone mentions you like this in an article, you will never discover it if you just visit That is quite annoying. So, what can you do to find out if someone tags you and mentions you in a comment or a post on Steemit?

Two ways to find out when you are tagged in Steemit posts and comments

There are probably several ways to do this, but here are the two tools I currently use for this purpose.


One of the best ways is to use SteemWorld. This is a platform on which you can find lots of information about your user on Steemit, and one of the functions is to see if you are mentioned. To check it out, simply visit and you will find out all the info you need at once. You have to add your username to the end of the address.

steemit mentions on steemworld

Busy.Org is a very interesting platform for those who feel like Steemit is a little bit outdated. It is easier to blog from as you have more editing tools, and it reminds you much more of WordPress. In addition, you also have a notifications tab in the upper right corner, and here you will find out immediately if someone tags you, sends you money, or something else happens that is related to your account.

Get notifications whenever you are mentioned on Steemit on
Get notifications whenever you are mentioned on Steemit on

I spent some time finding these tools myself, and now I hope they will help you stay alert and find out whenever you are mentioned in a post or comment on Steemit.

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