Stream Ajax vs Manchester United (Europe League final) online

On May 24th the world will look to Friends Arena outside Stockholm. Ajax will play against Manchester United in the Europe League final 2017. Would you like to stream the match online?

This years Europe League final will be a fantastic match. Not only is Mancehster United among the most popular teams in Europe, but they will play against the most famous team from the Netherlands, Ajax. This years tournament is also special, since the winner of the tournament the last three years Sevilla will not play in the final (as they did to well in the Champions League).

Europe League final 2017 online
How to stream Ajax vs Manchester United online?

The Europe League final will be very important for both teams, but Jose Mourinho and his team (Manchester United), will for sure enter the match with most pressure on their backs. Unfortunately Mancehster United did not earn themselves a place in the Champions League next year based on their results in the Premier League this year, so their only chance of getting to the Champions League in 2017/18 is by winning the Europe League final in Stockholm on May 24th. Can they do it?

Stream Ajax vs Manchester United online

For those who want to stream the match between Ajax and Manchester United online, the very best way is by signing up for the service of Fubo TV. This service will also make you able to stream the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Juventus online, in addition to lots of other fantastic football matches.

You can read more about Fubo TV and how the service works (and how you can watch it outside the USA), right here.

More about the match

There are lots of things to be sad about in front of the match, but the saddest thing might be that Zlatan Ibrahimovic will not be able to play the match due to injury. For the star from Sweden (Bosnia) to play a final in his home nation would be fantastic, but he will not be able to make it for the match. But, it seems to us as if Manchester United is fully capable of playing brilliant football without their star-striker, so we would not be too worried about how this will influence the final result.

More information in general about streaming the Europe League online can be found here.

Who will win the Europe League final?

Which team do you believe will win the Europe League final? Which team do you cheer for? Our guess is that the match will end with 1-1 after normal time, and then Ajax will score a goal during the extra-time and win the match!

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