How can I watch Karen Pirie online?

It is 1996 and Rossie Duff is found murdered. Someone killed her with a knife. 25 years later, they start talking about the case in a podcast and suddenly, the case is brought up again.

This is an exciting TV series about an old and closed case that comes back to life because of a podcast. As the case is discussed, suddenly a lot happens and the question is whether overzealous fans and hobby detectives are behind it, or is it the killer who is at it again?

Karen Pirie is the daring detective who is put on the case and you can expect a lot of excitement if you decide to watch Karen Pirie online. But how can you do that?

karen pirie on itv

You can watch Karen Pirie on ITV in England

By far the easiest way to see Karen Pirie is by watching the series on ITV’s website. The first season consists of three episodes; you can watch them all on ITV’s website. When the second season is later published, you can also watch the new episodes on ITV’s website.

But what if you are outside England? Is it still possible to see Karen Pirie? What can you do to watch Ariyon Bakare, Barrie Hunter, and Lauren Lyle in Karen Pirie online wherever you are in the world?

How to watch the series on ITV wherever you are.

We’ve already written a long article on how to watch ITV online wherever you are in the world. But to make it easier, I will explain it very briefly and quickly here.

  1. You must buy a VPN subscription from NordVPN. This is a VPN service with servers in more than 60 nations and a safe money-back guarantee valid for 30 days. Not satisfied, or can’t get it to work? Cancel the subscription and get your money back!
  2. After you have purchased your NordVPN subscription, simply download their VPN client to your phone, tablet or computer. You can use one subscription on 6 devices at the same time, so feel free to download the VPN application and use it on all your devices (at the same time).
  3. Connect to a NordVPN server in the UK. This will give you an English IP address wherever you are in the world. All websites you visit and streaming services you use will now think you are in England.
  4. Visit ITV’s website. Here you have to create a profile (free). It is important that you register it with a postcode in England. Once this is done you can search for Karen Pirie and see all available episodes instantly.
Visit the website ofNordVPN

You can also use NordVPN to watch English Netflix content abroad, the BBC, and much more. If you connect to servers in other countries, the service can also be used to watch PeacockTV, NBC, CBS, ZDF, RTVE, and dozens of other channels and services.

It is also worth knowing that using a VPN is highly recommended. Why? A VPN encrypts your data online and hides your actual location. For that reason, it is much more difficult for hackers and others with bad intentions to steal your data and spy on your activities.

Then I hope you are ready to watch Karen Pirie online. Incidentally, it is an ITV series, so when season two is published later, you can watch it immediately on ITV’s website, also with a NordVPN subscription. Enjoy!

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