Stream the movie Fireheart (2022) on Netflix.

The movie Fireheart was created for the streaming service Hulu in 2022, but it is already available on Netflix. It isn’t available on Netflix in the United States (where it would be a competitor to Hulu), but you can stream it on Netflix in Sweden. Would you like to find out how it is done? Are you eager to watch the movie Fireheart on Netflix today? This is how it’s done!

The movie Fireheart was created by L’Atelier Animation. This company has earlier made the fantastic animated movie Leap! (known as Ballerina by many people). In Fireheart, we follow a sixteen-year-old girl who follows her dream to become a firefighter. How is it done? By pretending that she is a boy. Her father was earlier a firefighter, and he strongly opposed women firefighters. How will this end?

Does it sound like Mulan or some other animated movie telling the story about a girl becoming a hero by breaking the rules? Watch the movie to find out more!

Fireheart on Netflix

How to watch Fireheart on Netflix.

You have the chance to stream Fireheart on Netflix in Sweden. This is the only country in which this movie is on Netflix, meaning that people elsewhere in the world cannot find the movie on Netflix. What can you do if you live in India, Mexico, or Canada?

To stream all the movies on Swedish Netflix abroad, you need a VPN subscription to NordVPN.

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Step-by-step: Fireheart on Netflix

  • Purchase a VPN subscription to NordVPN.
  • Download the NordVPN application to your telephone, computer, tablet, or TV. One subscription can be used on six devices simultaneously, so feel free to install NordVPN on all your devices.
  • Run the VPN application and connect to a server in Sweden. This will give you a Swedish IP address required to stream Swedish Netflix abroad.
  • Go to the Netflix website or start the Netflix application.
  • Search for Fireheart.
  • Bring some popcorn and stream this fantastic movie on Netflix.

That’s it. You are ready to stream the movie on Netflix. There are many other fantastic movies on Swedish Netflix. As a result, you should look around, and you will have plenty to stream in the coming days and weeks.

fireheart on netflix

More about L’Atelier Animation

This isn’t the first time L’Atelier Animation has created something awesome. The animated studio from Canada was founded in 2012 by three experienced animators: Louis-Simon Ménard, Dave Laub, and Éric Ouellet. L’Atelier Animation has worked on a variety of projects, including feature films, television series, and video games. Some of their notable works include the feature films “The Ballad of Hugo Sanchez” and “Leap!”, as well as the television series “Molang” and “Mega Man: Fully Charged.”

The studio has a team of over 250 artists, animators, and technicians and prides itself on using the latest technology and techniques to create high-quality animation. L’Atelier Animation is also committed to training and developing new talent in the animation industry, offering internship programs and training opportunities for aspiring animators.

What kind of audio and subtitles are available for Fireheart on Netflix?

If you stream Fireheart on Netflix (in Sweden), you currently have the following options.

fireheart audio and subtitles

As you can see in the image, no subtitles are available, but the movie has English, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, and Danish audio. Are you ready to stream? I can’t wait to watch the movie with my kids sometime soon.

Have you seen Fireheart? Did you like it? Do you have any questions about how to watch the movie on Netflix? Use the comment field below and let me hear from you!

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