Suffering from Netflix Error ID 108?

Do you get error ID 108 on your Apple TV as you watch Netflix?

Would you like to watch Netflix on your Apple TV, but instead of watching you only see error message 108 coming to your screen? What can be done to get rid of error ID 108 from Netflix on Apple TV?

Now, this article might not be the most scientific, but we will simply share what we have done to get rid of the 108 error ID as we got it on our Apple TV. We have a feeling that it is caused by error in the DNS servers configured on your Apple TV or the WiFi connection used on your Apple TV, but it can also be caused by general network trouble. So, if you are currently getting error message 108 on your Apple TV, this is what we recommend you to do. It worked for us!

If you follow these steps and they help you, why not write a comment beneath to let us know! We for sure would appreciate it! For more information on how you can access US Netflix overseas, click the link!

Get rid of error ID 108 on Apple TV

Method 1 – the easiest one

  • Enter Settings – System – Restart
  • Try once again and see if it works now

Method 2 – one more step

  • Log out from your Netflix account on the Apple TV.
  • Restart your Apple TV, open the Netflix app, log in and lets hope it works now!

Method 3 – a bit more complicated

  • If you are using a SmartDNS service or a VPN, then we recommend you to do as follows:
    • Remove the DNS settings you have setup directly on your Apple TV, or remove the DNS servers as they are setup directly on your router.
    • Restart your Apple TV.
    • Try opening Netflix again. (you can of course log out from Netflix and log back in, but not sure if that is needed)

Method 4 – try another network

  • If you have several routers in your home and one is setup with a SmartDNS or VPN, while one is not  – setup your Apple TV to use the normal WiFi connection (without Smart DNS – VPN).
  • Restart your router.
  • Open Netflix again.

If you have tried these solutions we are quite convinced that it should work for you. For us we simply had to change the setup, or at least restart the Apple TV, and things started to work. We could even continue using the SmartDNS service that we used in the start as we got the error message, so it wasn’t that connection that really caused the trouble.

Give it a try and hopefully you will be able to watch Netflix on your Apple TV within a few minutes from now. If you have comments, if this article has helped you or if there should be anything else, just write a comment!



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