Can Kevin Wait for the Big Bang Theory to end tonight?

It is September 19th, and that means new seasons and premiere will come quickly to the biggest broadcasting networks in the USA. For CBS it starts with Big Bang Theory, and Kevin Can Wait for the Big Bang Theory to finish before this new CBS program will premiere tonight.

There is little doubt about the fact that Big Bang Theory is one of the most popular of all TV shows throughout history. It is so easy and fun to watch and the humor for sure catches lots of nerds and normal people who enjoy laughing at and with the characters in the TV series.

Can Kevin Wait for Big Bang Theory to end tonight?

A new series will start rolling tonight, and we are of course up to date and simply wait for the new episodes to be made available. With our CBS All Access subscription we will get access to the new Big Bang Theory episode right away online, so go ahead and get your CBS All Access subscription if you do not have one already. If you have problems signing up for CBS All Access from abroad, follow our instructions on how to sign up, pay for and watch CBS from abroad.

What about Kevin Can Wait

It is no coincidence that they decide to premiere Kevin Can Wait just after Big Bang Theory. CBS for sure hope that lots of the Big Bang Theory fans will remain in front of their TV screens and thus they will at once be introduced to the brand new comedy series from CBS. We have already written a long article on the new TV series that  will premiere on CBS this autumn, so click the link and read the article if you want to know more about Kevin Can Wait or one of the other shows coming to CBS this autumn.

Already tomorrow a second new show will premiere. This is named Bull and it features Michael Weatherly whom we all know from NCIS, but who has now left NCIS in order the be a lawyer named Bull.

Did anyone say Macgyver?

On Friday it is time for a premiere that will get lots of attention, but the question is whether the viewers will appreciate it or not. What will it be like when Macgyver comes back to our screens. Not played by Richard Dean Anderson, but a new young Macgyver is back creating bombs out of nothing and saving the world.

We look forward to watch Big Bang Theory, but we are very curious on what Bull, Kevin Can Wait and Macgyver will be like. Luckily we can follow all these TV shows online, so in a week from now we will know much about the shows and maybe write an article as well sharing our insights and thoughts about these now CBS shows.

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