Suits season 9 episode 9 preview – with promo!

It is almost sad, but there are only two more Suits episodes to go before the show is over. What can we expect before the second last episode titled Thunder Away?

The last episode, episode 8 of season 9, was titled Prisoner’s Dilemma. This was an interesting episode in which Harvey Specter had to fight a fight with one who bore a big grudge against him. In the end, he won the battle, but Faye made some steps that didn’t receive large applause amongst the managing partners of the company. And now, with only two episodes left, it seems like the battle between Faye and the rest of the managing partners is getting really intense.

What to expect from Suits season 9 episode 9?
A Suits season 9 episode 9 preview! Samantha Wheeler is getting ready to sue Faye!

I have said it before, I felt as if Faye was quite nice at times. But, in the last episodes, that has turned the other way, and now it seems like she is packed with bad intentions for Harvey and the rest of the managing partners. How will this end? Take a look at the promo for Suits season 9 episode 9 to see more about what you can expect for the upcoming episode.

What will happen in Suits season 9 episode 9?

The promo video starts with showing us Mike Ross speak to Samantha Wheeler saying that there is none better at getting rid of Faye than them. In other words, Mike Ross is returning to the show again, and most likely for the final two episodes. Now he is joining in the battle together with his former companions, fighting for their freedom from Faye. Will they succeed?

Samantha Wheeler will then sue Faye for wrongful termination of her contract. This is good, but the rest of the managing partners are afraid. If Samantha doesn’t win the battle against Faye, they will be stuck with her until hell freezes over. Harvey considers the case to be screwed, as Faye doesn’t have anyone to defend her. But, that is when Faye suddenly makes an interesting move – she wants Harvey and Louis to defend her. How will this end? I guess we will have to watch Suits season 9 episode 9 and of course, the final episode to find out!

Where to watch Suits season 9 episode 9 online?

If you want to watch Suits season 9 episode 9 online, the best way is to stream it on Netflix. The episode itself aires around midnight (CET) night till Thursday. And, only 24 hours later, the episode can be streamed on Netflix. Would you like to know more about how this works and how you can stream Suits season 9 on Netflix? Click the link and watch the video to find out.

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Have you enjoyed Suits season 9 so far? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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