Summer discount time soon over

summer discountsDuring the summer time most VPN providers offer some sort of super discount, at least a very good discount. PureVPN had such an offer where they gave one year of free usage if you signed up for their services for one year, HideMyAss has big discounts as well, and so do IPVanish and quite some other providers.

That is why we recommend everyone out there who even have a VPN subscription to extend it right away, because you will then normally get the discounted price if you renew your subscription right now, meaning that you can save a lot of money and you do not have to renew your subscription in a few months from now when it is supposed to expire.

And, do not forget that your VPN subscription is really useful, after all you can use it for so many great things like watching sports online, enjoying the best VOD services such as Netflix, HBO Now, NOW TV and lots of others and you can unlock TV channels all across the world. There are of course differences between the different VPN providers and their quality, but in general the quality seems to get better and better, and the competition gets tougher and tougher, meaning that the providers need to put their hands together and make an effort to have great speed on their servers and amazing customer service.

If you want to know more about different VPN providers then we recommend that you read our reviews and information, but if you want to know more reasons as to why you should sign up for a VPN provider, read our article named 100 reasons to get a VPN.

And do not forget that if you are about to go out traveling somewhere in the world, then a VPN is lethal for you to be able to access your “home streaming” service such as Netflix, and even more important, you will need a VPN to be able to secure your Internet connection abroad and if you visit some more restricted countries then you might even need your VPN connection to be able to use social media services such as Twitter and Facebook.

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