Why I wouldn’t invest in EtherPrint or other reflection-payment coins (like AVAPAY, ZAZA, and others)

Recently the principle of so-called reflection payment coins has become very trendy. I have seen lots of crypto-influencers on Twitter write about them and also brag about awesome gains and how they received awesome payments regularly with Avapay (in USDC), with ZAZA (in JOE), and the most recent is receiving Ethereum rewards with EtherPrint. One Read More

What is Olympus Inu DAO? Is OHMINU a scam? Is it worth buying?

We have written about OlympusDAO in several articles here in the IP Address Guide. But, OHMINU is a brand new token and platform that was launched at the end of October 2021. What is it all about? Is it a pump and dump scheme, or does it have real value? Who is behind the project? Read More