Which tokens perform in the midst of the panic? Comparing the performance of big (BTC, ETH, SOL, AVAX, FTM) with rebase tokens (HEC, OHM, TIME) and node tokens (STRNGR, THOR, FIRE). It is time to find out!

If you have only been around for some years in cryptocurrencies, then the last 48 hours might have been the most dreadful in your young cryptocurrency life so far. The markets are all red and it feels as if it never going to end. People are panic-selling, and the worst part is when tokens that Read More

Putin doesn’t exactly help the rebase tokens – The best performing rebase tokens between February 16th and February 23rd!

Yet another week has passed, and to be honest, we are happy that this article is published today and not yesterday. How come? Yesterday (February 22nd) was an extremely red day, especially due to the fact that the Russian President (Vladimir Putin) sent Russian forces into two areas in Ukraine proclaimed by Russia to be Read More

The end for PapaDAO – but, at least it was a fair end!

Once again we have to remove one project from our OlympusDAO fork experiment. This time it is PapaDAO, but luckily, it wasn’t because the project rugged (like with TaiChi). This time the team behind the project simply said that a lot has changed since they started the project and the popularity of these forks has Read More

The Rebase-token battle -> Results from week 5 (January 5 – January 12)

We are in the fifth week of our rebase-token battle, which originally started as a battle between 11 different OlympusDAO forks. Since then, we have had to make some changes and we are now including OlympusDAO in the experiment as well. Today, we will take a look at the performance of the different projects for Read More

My first impression of Jade Protocol – Should you invest?

I recently received a question from one of the visitors coming to the IP Address Guide. The person wondered about whether he/she should invest in Jade Protocol or not and wanted to hear my thoughts on the platform. At that time, I didn’t really know anything about the ade Protocol, but since then I have Read More