Testing the Cyberghost VPN speeds!

We love testing the download speeds of different VPN providers, and today we have tested the Cyberghost download speeds. Read more about the speed test, check the results, take a look at the recording of the speed test, and read our conclusion based on the test.

Cyberghost is not among the top VPN providers on the market (that is, not among the most popular providers on the market), but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t as good as the biggest names in the VPN business. Today we have made our first Cyberghost VPN speed test ever, and it was an interesting experience. You can also know that we will do more Cyberghost VPN speed tests in the future, so make sure to come back later for more tests, but as of now, let us take a look at our speed test results.

A video showing the Cyberghost VPN speed test and how we got the different results.

Cyberghost VPN speed test 2019 results

First and foremost, our initial download speed was just under 100 Mbps (91 Mbps).

Cyberghost serverDownload speed
Hungary (closest)37 Mbps
United States25 Mbps
Canada32 Mbps
Korea11 Mbps
Sweden36 Mbps

These were the results of the Cyberghost VPN speed test as of February 2019. What is there to be said about these results?

The VPN speeds we got are more than enough to enjoy a surfing experience online and also to enjoy streaming of content using all of the servers that we tested. But, it is still a fact that it was quite a big drop in download speeds compared to our original speed, something that is kind of unfortunate.

Still, if you like Cyberghost VPN, their product, their prices, and all the features coming with their VPN client, you should not be scared off by these results!

You can visit the Cyberghost VPN website by clicking the link above. You can also read more about Cyberghost VPN in our VPN review which will be published within a couple of days from now here in the IP Address Guide.

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I have done some more speed tests on Cyberghost since this article and the video was originally released, and during my second test, I got way better download speeds than what is shown above. I will come back with a new Cyberghost VPN speed test in a month or so, but as of now I can say that the reality is much better when it comes to the download speeds using Cyberghost VPN than what is reflected in the already good results above.

Some of the cool Cyberghost VPN features

We will write more about these features in our Cyberghost review, but it is worth noticing a couple of functions that come really useful in their VPN application.

For example, you can search among the servers for Netflix, and at once, the application will give you the locations of Cyberghost VPN servers that are suitable for streaming Netflix. That is very cool! In the same way, you can also see which servers are recommended for streaming BBC outside the UK, Hulu in Europe, and lots of other similar stuff.

You can also use a split tunneling function within the application, meaning that you can tell Cyberghost to use the active VPN connection while visiting websites in general, but then to make exceptions as you visit others. This can be useful if there are certain sites you want to visit that can’t be enjoyed with an active VPN connection.

There are several other cool functions available as well, but if you want to find out more, check out Cyberghost VPN review which will come within a couple of days to the IP Address Guide.

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