Will Surfshark slow down your Internet connection (speed-test June 2022)?

It has caused a lot of frustration among VPN users as they experience that the speed of their Internet connection is slowing down a lot after connecting to all sorts of VPN servers. This is caused by VPN servers that are overused (and lagged) or simply because the VPN provider has rented cheap servers somewhere Read More

We have tested the ExpressVPN speeds in December 2020

Many people just buy a VPN subscription without knowing much about the VPN provider before they get started. Others decide to do some serious research and find out more about the VPN before they go ahead. To be honest, since most VPN services come with a 30-day full refund, there isn’t much risk involved if Read More

A NordVPN Speed Test [2020] – All the results you need!

What can you expect if you purchase a NordVPN subscription? Should you expect this to be a VPN provider that will let you surf with great speeds, or will connecting to one of their VPN servers slow down your online movements, and make streaming, downloading, and surfing in general a nightmare? Lots of people purchase Read More