The Asian Cup 2019 is heating up!

I have been paying quite close attention to the Asian Cup 2019, and it is getting more and more interesting for every day passing by!

After the first round of matches, India looking very strong. Australia, on the other hand, didn’t get a good start on the tournament with their loss to Jordan.

Group A has been a mess when you look at the results so far. First India won 4-1 against Thailand, while U.A.E. played a draw against Bahrain. Yesterday, India lost 2-0 to U.A.E., while Thailand won 1-0 against Bahrain. There really isn’t any logic to these results, but that is part of what makes the tournament so interesting.

In Group B, Jordan has already secured themselves a place in the knockout stage after beating Syria 2-0 yesterday. They won their first match against Australia, coming as a giant surprise, and yesterday they showed that it wasn’t just luck that brought them the victory against Australia.

Australia is currently playing against Palestine, and the former champions desperately needs to win to keep up their chances in the Asian Cup.

Australia in the Asian Cup 2019
Australia in the lead against Palestine

68 minutes into the match, things look good for Australia. They are currently in the lead with 2-0 against Palestine after goals scored by Maclaren and Mabil. If they get the three points today, they have one more match left against Syria before they can be sure about their place in the knockout stage of the tournament.

Later today, we will see both China and South Korea play. Both teams won their first matches, and today China will play against the Philippines, while South Korea will play against Kyrgyzstan. South Korea might be the biggest favorite in front of the tournament, even though Hong Seong-min only will join the squad for the last match in the group stage against China.

We look forward to the continuation of the tournament. It has been a real treat so far, and as things heat up even more, it is going to get more and more interesting.

Have you got any favorite player or team in the tournament? Any surprises so far? We would love to hear your thoughts about the tournament!

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