The Beta Finance Launchpad on Binance – was it a success (for investors)?

Did you miss out on the Beta Finance launchpad project on Binance? You are not alone, but there are lots of people who were actually able to join in for the fun. But, how fun was it? Maybe you believe Beta Finance will be the next Axie Infinity, a project that also launched on Binance Launchpad and that is selling for more than $100 per token today. Almost 160,000 people joined the token sale in which 50,000,000 BETA tokens were sold.

So, what happened to the people who joined the Beta Finance token sale on Binance? Was it a success? It is quite easy to find out.

beta finance binance

Some pure numbers

  • The price per BETA tokens were 0.00013828 BNB, which back then was approximately $0.053 (or something like that).
  • If you committed 100 BNB tokens to the sale, you would only be allowed to join the sale with a little less than 0.1 BNB (due to the enormous battle to join the token sale).
  • As the tokens were made available for sale, they jumped to $4.5 at the highest, and has then stabilized somewhere between $2 and $3.

Now, you don’t need to be a bad-ass in math to understand that those who joined the sale (and sold) have experienced massive gain. If you bought a token at $0.05 and sold it for $1 (which you didn’t do), you will still be 20x in plus. If you sold at $3, then you would be 60x in plus!

All in all, this was a massive success for BETA Finance and for everyone who invested in the project.

Is a BETA Finance token really worth the price? Time will show!

I guess the massive success of this token sale is what gave even bigger attention to the Lazio token sale that took place on October 21st for which more than 220,000 people joined in. I will write more about the details of that token sale and whether it became as big a success when it comes to massive gains as the Beta Finance sale.

How can I join future Binance launchpad programs?

Would you like to join future launchpad programs on Binance? In order to join, you need to register a Binance account, validate your account, and keep BNB tokens in your account. All the BNB tokens in your account will make up the foundation for how many tokens you can buy, meaning that the more BNB tokens you keep in your account, the bigger proportion of the sale will you be able to enjoy.

Thank you for reading this article and check back soon for more information about the Lazio token sale on Binance as well!

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