The Lazio token sale on Binance – Was it a success for investors?

October 21st was the big day for those who wanted to join the Lazio Token Fan Sale on Binance. To take part, you had to keep BNB in your wallet on Binance (or staking them in the Binance Vault or something similar). Based on your average BNB balance in the last seven days before the sale, you were allowed to join the actual token sale. But was it a success? Should you have joined? What was the price of the Lazio token during the sale? What was the price of the token as trading was started?

During the Lazio token sale on Binance, exactly 4,000,000 tokens were given out for sale, and the initial price was $1 per token (paid in BNB). The entire process was very quick and users had 4 hours to subscribe to the sale, and after that, the tokens were quickly handed out and trading started on Binance.

This was a very popular token sale, as far as I know, the most popular on Binance so far, as more than 220,000 subscribed to the sale with a different number of tokens.

lazio fan token

What was the price of the Lazio token on Binance as trading started?

Immediately after trading was opened, the price of the Lazio token had a pump where it reached $100, but that was just a first-minute pump, and after that, the price stabilized around $20. Since then, the price has moved between $20 and $23.

What does that mean?

  • Initial price: $1
  • Price on trading: $20

If we use those numbers, any investors would receive 20x in return for the investment they were allowed to use. That is a giant number, considering that all you did was subscribe with some tokens, and sell them a few hours later.

lazio launchpad binance

I guess these extreme returns is one of the main reasons why more and more people are joining the Binance launchpad programs, they are simply awesome when it comes to financial gains.

Why are people buying the Lazio token (or not selling them)?

Maybe you haven’t thought about it, but Axie Infinity was once a Binance launchpad project. In November 2020, tokens were sold during the token sale, and do you know at what price it was sold? The price was $0.06 per token. This wasn’t a normal launchpad project like Lazio or Beta Finance, but still – it was a sale launched on Binance. Back then, a little bit more than 20,000 people took part in the sale.

But, why am I speaking about Axie Infinity when the topic is buying Lazio tokens (or not selling them). Well, people got their hands on AXS tokens in November and the price was $0.06 per token. Do you know what the price of an AXS token is right now? The price is $122. That is just extreme!

Many people join such sales hoping that the tokens will go maniac, like AXS for Axie Infinity, and give them an extreme profit in the future. But, why would the Lazio token go nuts and give 100x profit? What is the purpose of the token?

What is the purpose of the Lazio token?

Here you can find the official information about the purpose of the Lazio token.

Lazio fans can let their voice be heard with LAZIO token: users who own Lazio Token, together with a pool of supporters, will feel a stronger connection and engagement with their favorite team. Lazio Team will seek Lazio Token holders’ input on club affairs by running special voting polls.

The token empowers fans to engage with the club in multiple ways. Users can influence club decisions through exclusive voting rights, access digital collectibles, and NFTs, and enjoy gamification features that are tied with special fan rewards and real-life experiences.

As you can see, token holders will have a special decision and some actual influence in the club. If you hold the tokens, you will get early access to special products and NFTs, and you will also have voting power in decisions that somehow influence the club. I guess the actual influence is very limited, but still, if you are a big-time Lazio fan, this might actually be cool!

Which is the next product to launch on Binance?

I have no clue, but I know that there are hundreds of thousands now waiting for the next launchpad project, hoping that they will once again enjoy a 20x profit on their investment within a couple of hours. But, when it is announced, how can you join the upcoming launchpad projects on Binance?

How to take part in launchpad projects on Binance?

It is very easy. The first thing you need is to create a Binance account and perform the KYC process. When this is done, buy some BNB tokens and just keep them in your wallet or add them to the Binance vault (in order to get a 0,5% interest while holding them). If you keep them in your wallet or in the vault, they will still be counted as Binance calculates your average holdings for joining the Binance Launchpad projects.

Make sure to pay attention to the Binance website so that you do not miss out on the announcements. You can also follow Binance on Twitter for updated information.

Did you join the Lazio launchpad project on Binance? Are you satisfied? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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