The consequences of a Medium ban…

At the start of July, I added quite a lot of articles to Medium. They were all dealing with the same topics dealt with here in the IP Address Guide, meaning about VPN providers, SmartDNS providers, geo-blocks, and cryptocurrencies.

It all worked out great for about two months, and some of the articles did really good and had quite a lot of visitors. But, then it suddenly changed. From one day to another all articles were taken offline, and whenever someone visited the articles, they were told that the author had been suspended and that the content is unavailable.

suspended from medium
After a while, this is the message that will show up when someone tries to visit articles published by a suspended Medium user.

So, I guess my articles didn’t fit into the Medium standard, and they somewhat considered them to be crossing their content rules. And, I am mostly fine with that. But, there is a giant problem to this, and especially if you want to write content as I do here, then you better be aware of this.

When you are suspended from Medium

The moment you are suspended from Medium, your articles will no longer disappear. But, Google has a time of patience, meaning that they believe there is only some temporary error, and therefore the results will keep showing up in the search results for a while before they are removed.

Again, this is the way things are. But, the biggest problem is that you have no chance at all to redirect people coming to your Medium articles to somewhere else. The content isn’t actually deleted, meaning that you as the creator can easily access the content, copy it, and then publish it somewhere else. But, there is no chance at all of forwarding it to somewhere else.

At first, Google might consider the re-published articles duplicate content, but that shouldn’t be a problem since the suspended content cannot be seen anymore. But, all links pointing in the direction of the Medium articles will point to nowhere, and they will just confuse Google, and not help you get those people to the same articles, published somewhere else.

The best method is then to try to make all links pointing in the direction of your Medium articles to be updated, but that can be a hard job.

What to do about your Medium suspension?

You can contact Medium to find out what has actually happened, and maybe make them undo the ban. But, if your content is suspicious to them, then you can probably forget about all of it.

So, this is something you should consider before you start publishing on Medium because it is hard to repair the errors once you start publishing.

Have you been banned or suspended by Medium? What did you do?

Do you have any comments or questions? I would love to hear from you!


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