TikTok still not banned in the USA – but, it might change in November!

September 27th was the new date at which a decision was to be made about whether or not TikTok would be banned in the United States or not. The accusation is that ByteDance has to release data about its users to the Chinese government, and this is causing a threat to the United States. On September 20th, a one-week delay was given, and on September 27th, just a few hours before the ban would start, a district judge cause the ban to fail (for now).

TikTok has employed lawyers to fight for their case in the United States, and they have all claimed that banning TikTok based on speculations would be a violation of certain rules in the constitution of the United States. The first part says that you cannot judge someone based on accusations only (no evidence) and the second part says that people have the right to say whatever they want (the right to free speech).

tiktok ban in the usa

Based on this, the district judge went against the ban, and gave ByteDance some more time to move. But, Donald Trump has given ByteDance a new deadline which is November 12th. If TikTok is still owned and in the hands of ByteDance by then, it will be banned in the USA.

I already discussed how Oracle and Walmart are considering buying shares in TikTok, but according to Trump, that will not be enough. If TikTok plans on staying, they will have to hand over the entire control of the platform to the United States. Is that even something they are considering? I doubt so, but time will show!

Are you one of the TikTok users in the United States? Are you worried about the future of the platform? Read more about the TikTok ban in the United States and how to protect yourself against it in this article.

What do you think about the future of TikTok? Are you worried? Do you believe that the accusations made by Donald Trump are false? Is this just a political game? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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