How to use Vudu from outside the US?

It is possible to sign up for Vudu from outside the US, but if you try to watch the DVDs and films available you will get a problem if you have an IP address located outside the US. This is due to the fact that you need an American IP address for Vudu to work.

We have written tons of articles similar to this one, so instead of writing it all again, I suggest that those of you want need an American IP address to be able to watch Vudu from abroad, go and read the article about in IP address in America.

There are other ways in which you can watch Vudu from abroad besides getting an American IP address. The easiest way that will give you the best quality is using the SmartDNS services of Unlocator. This will not give you an actual IP address, but it will route your requests to through a server that will make it look like if you are in the United States. As a result you will get access to Vudu and can watch it easily online, no matter where you might be in the world.

Unlocator(start your free trial today)

Unlocator is free to try for seven days, so give it a try and if you like it you can continue your subscription after 7 days for the price of 5 USD a month. It is very easy to get started using this strategy and you can find yourself watching Vudu outside the USA in a few minutes from now.

Watch Vudu from abroad

What is vudu?

Vudu is a company founded back in 2004. They distribute full length films across the Internet, which can not only be seen on computers, but also on devices such as XBox, Wii and similar. As you are logged in your can either rent or buy films, and you can also buy or rent in different quality, all based on what your needs and requirements are. The prices are very good and they are quite similar to the prices you will get if you buy or rent videos from services such as Google Store, Apple Store or

Vudu is however better than these services in some ways as well. As of October 2016 they also offer a big library of free films. This is part of their “Movies On Us” offer. Here you can watch brilliant films online for free. The only requirement is that you actually have a Vudu account and this you can get by registering. As you watch those films you can enjoy them without paying, but you will have to watch a few commercials from time to time. But, the amount of commercials is limited, so it ain’t that bad at all.

Watching Point Break for free on Vudu Movies On Us

Are you ready and in the mood for watching Vudu online? Follow the instructions given earlier in this article and you will be ready to watch in a few minutes from now.

How much does Vudu cost?

Vudu does not have any such thing as a membership fee. You will in other words only pay for what you actually watch, and many people will find that to be easier to use. With no monthly fee you will not spend money automatically, but only as you actually pay to watch a film. But, what are the Vudu prices like?

Prices for renting and buying videos on Vudu

As we write (update) this article X-Men Apocalypse has just been released in the USA. If you want to buy this film then you will have to pay 15 USD. If you are satisfied with renting the film then the price is 5 or 6 USD depending on whether you want to rent it in SD or HD quality. Most films rented on Vudu needs to be watched within 30 days of renting, but once you have started you only have 24 hours to actually watch the movie. This is quite similar to, but far worse than Google Movies which lets you have 24-72 hours often to watch movies after actually starting.

You can pay for the Vudu services using a Credit Card, your US PayPal account or a Walmart Gift Card.

More useful services from Vudu

If you are registered with Vudu then you will be happy to notice that they have a dedicated Kid Zone where you can find programs and offers for kids. In addition to their Kid Zone which is perfect for children, they also have their Special Deals section. There you will find great offers and prices, and at times you will also get special discounts for bundles of several movies. Be sure to check out those sections as you visit!

Are you ready to stream Vudu online?

We hope you are ready to stream Vudu online right away. If this information has been helpful, write a comment and let us know. Do you have trouble or challenges? Write a comment. We would love to hear from you.

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