Buffered VPN review

Buffered VPN is a new VPN provider on the market and we have just tried their services. Here you can read our Buffered VPN review.

Buffered VPN is created with love in Budapest, Hungary. It had its grand start in 2015 and has seen quite a big amount of customers looking their way, and now it was our tour to take a closer look at Buffered VPN. Keep on reading this Buffered VPN review for more information about the services, and to find out whether it is worth using or not!

Buffered VPNĀ  – Speed test

Buffered VPN reviewOne of the most important factors when we do tests of different VPN providers are the server speeds they offer. There is nothing worse then using a VPN provider which slow down your Internet connection and which make surfing and streaming online content into a nightmare. That is why we connected to servers in quite a lot of nations in which Buffered VPN has servers, and to our big surprise they had fantastic speeds, like we have never really experienced before with similar VPN providers. Even though we are in central Europe we could use Buffered VPN to stream content in Canada, in Australia and other far away nations without any problems and with great results as we did different speed tests. Maybe this is because they are new on the market without to many customers yet, but we have a feeling this is more about a policy in Buffered VPN, always keeping their server park at the top and expanding at once when they see overloaded servers with slow speeds. In other words, Buffered VPN is a great solution if you want a VPN provider with high speeds!

Buffered VPN – Server overview

This will probably be expanded in the near future, but at the time writing this Buffered VPN review they have servers in 25 nations. Among those nations you will find: United States, United Kingdom, India, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, Finland, Denmark, Canada, Finland, Iceland, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland and some more

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Buffered VPN – Pricing

Buffered VPN has prices quite similar to HideMyAss and most other VPN providers a bit more expensive than the cheapest. One month cost 12,99USD, 6 months cost 59,94 USD and 12 months cost 99USD. They have a very nice 30 day full refund policy, meaning that you will get your money back within thirty days if you are not satisfied with their product. But, we believe you will be very satisfied and have no need of a refund.

Buffered VPN – Support

Buffered VPN does not have an online live chat, but they have very quick service both if you contact them on Twitter or if you contact them using their support channel. They are also very customer related, meaning they will do their uttermost to keep you happy with both them and their services, so if you bump into a problem you simply contact them, and you will find a solution to your problem!

Buffered VPN – Client

Buffered VPN has a very nice and easy to use client for Windows. At the moment they do not have Android and iOS clients ready, but they have scripts ready that will make you able to setup their services on your iPhone, iPad or Android device within a few minutes anyway. We have asked Buffered concerning their future plans, and they told us that Buffered VPN apps for iOS and Android is to be released in the near future, so by the time you read this Buffered VPN review they might already be out there on the market.

Buffered VPN review conclusion

We have greatly enjoyed testing Buffered VPN and we will for sure use this service in the future without a doubt. When streaming online content they have unbeatable speeds, making it brilliant for online streaming, but it is also perfect if you simply want to encrypt your online activity and make sure your identity is hidden as you surf the Internet using an open WiFi in a Starbucks somewhere, or by the pool in your hotel in Barcelona.

If you want to test Buffered VPN yourself just press the button beneath to visit the Buffered VPN website.


Have you tried Buffered VPN? What was your experience with their services? Feel free to write your very own Buffered VPN review beneath or simply share a short comment if you have something on your heart!

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