IvacyVPN review (2022)

Is Ivacy VPN worth the money? Is this a VPN provider to consider when you want to buy a subscription to a VPN provider? Read through our Ivacy VPN review to find out!

Ivacy VPN has been living in the shadows of VPN providers like PureVPN, HideMyAss, and ExpressVPN for a long time, but they are about to break out from those shadows. We have taken a look at Ivacy VPN to see if they deserve a place among the most popular and most famous VPN providers.

The Ivacy VPN website

I know, the website doesn’t really tell us anything about the real product. But, it is still of great importance, and that is what gives us a first impression of the VPN provider we are testing.

IvacyVPN websiteif you are in a hurry…

The first thought that came to my mind when I visited the website is that they have got to use the same design/theme as PureVPN. The sites are almost completely similar. Now, that doesn’t have to be a minus, because it is an easy-to-understand design, and you can quickly sign up and find all the information you need. In other words, we like the website!

IvacyVPN review

The Ivacy VPN prices

The Ivacy VPN prices are absolutely competitive with the prices of other VPN providers on the market. Below you can see a screenshot showing their prices.

ivacyvpn pricing

As you can see from the picture, a 1-month subscription will cost you 9,95USD, a 1-year subscription will cost you 42USD, while a 5-year subscription will cost you 70USD. Those prices are actually very good, and cheaper than almost any other serious VPN provider on the market. In other words, if you want a cheap VPN provider, Ivacy VPN fits into that category without any trouble!

Ivacy VPN has a 30-day full refund policy which should keep you safe. If you pay with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you cannot ask for a refund (all other VPN providers behave in the same way with crypto-payments).

Is Ivacy VPN worth the money?

Ivacy VPN has applications available for the most important platforms, including Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS. They also have browser add-ons for both Firefox and Chrome. They also support other platforms.

As you sign up you can surf with unlimited bandwidth, they have a kill-switch which comes useful if you need to stay encrypted online all the time, they also have a strict no-logging policy, and you can connect with 5 devices simultaneously. These are all great stuff, but does it really work?

Ivacy VPN speed tests

Ivacy VPN is proudly writing about themselves as the fastest VPN provider on the market, and they have even won some speed contest prices. But, is this just a commercial stunt? Are portals just giving the title to Ivacy VPN because they are paid to do so? Well, we just did a big Ivacy VPN speed test and we were completely surprised. We have never gotten so good speed test results with any other VPN provider, and we got download speeds above 100 Mbps no matter which server we connected to. That is a stunning result, and we just got to agree, Ivacy VPN might actually be the fastest VPN provider on the market!

But, we have also done tests in which IvacyVPN didn’t perform as well. Take a look at all the results from our IvacyVPN speed tests by clicking the link below.

Can Ivacy VPN unblock Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC, and more?

As we did some background checks before this review, we noticed that some websites complained about Ivacy VPN’s lack of ability to unblock Netflix and other streaming services. For that reason, we did some extra testing and we came to the following conclusion.

  • Ivacy VPN is capable of unblocking Netflix in the USA and in the UK.
  • Ivacy VPN can also unblock Amazon Prime in the USA.
  • You can also watch ITV and BBC in the UK with Ivacy VPN.
  • and you can unblock lots of other services.
It is easy to unblock streaming sites with Ivacy VPN!
It is easy to unblock streaming sites with Ivacy VPN!

It is very easy to unblock with Ivacy, because they have a streaming option in their application. Here you can simply choose which site you want to unblock, and you will automatically connect to a VPN server in that nation that will help you unblock that mentioned service.

Safe downloads with Ivacy VPN

Another negative with Ivacy VPN that we read about in different blogs was how Ivacy VPN didn’t support torrenting. Well, that has changed. Now Ivacy VPN has servers made especially for this purpose, meaning that you can safely download content from torrent sites and more online. Not only will these VPN servers keep you encrypted, but they also protect you against malware and viruses along the way.

Ivacy VPN review conclusion

If you are in need of a cheap, but brilliant, VPN provider, Ivacy VPN should be your choice. They have fantastic speeds, great service, and they will help you unblock streaming sites and surf safely! We actually have a hard time coming up with negatives against Ivacy VPN, but if you have one, please write a comment to let us know what’s on your mind!

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IvacyVPNwith 30-day money back guarantee

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