Ivacy VPN Speed test 2020

Is Ivacy VPN a solid and good VPN provider? How are the download speeds of IvacyVPN? Here you can see the results of different IvacyVPN speed tests we have made in the most recent years. Take a look and you should be able to make a decision and understand whether or not IvacyVPN is a fast VPN provider or not.

You will see the recordings and the summaries of the different IvacyVPN speed tests we have made below. The newest test is at the top, and the older tests are further down in the article. I normally write a few comments about the speed test results as well.

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IvacyVPN Speed tests

IvacyVPN speed test

IvacyVPN Speed Test, May 6 – 2020

Finally it was time to test the speeds of IvacyVPN again. The results in February were terrible, and that is why I was very curious to see if it was a temporary error or if it was something else. Luckily, it was a temporary error, because now IvacyVPN seems to be back on track with their good speeds again.

You can check the recording right here.

What were the results? Here you can check them out.

Initial speed520 Mbps
Austria153 Mbps
Canada154 Mbps
Denmark134 Mbps
Mexico50 Mbps
USA126 Mbps
UK148 Mbps
India117 Mbps

Since our last test, things are way better and that is good to see. Once again, IvacyVPN seems to be a good option if you want a VPN that is fast and with great possibilities when it comes to unblocking Netflix and other streaming services.

Ivacy VPN Speed Test, February 24 – 2020

I love doing speed tests because it is informative, and it is easy to discover whether or not a VPN provider is good for surfing and streaming or not. So far in 2020, I have done quite a lot of tests, and I have been positively surprised in mostly all the cases. So, today I sat down to give IvacyVPN a try.

IvacyVPN is supposed to be one of the fastest VPN providers out there, and therefore, I was really looking forward to test this. I hoped for lots of servers giving me more than 100 Mbps in download speeds, but I have got to admit it at once, the test ended up in a catastrophic way.

If you want to see what happened, check the video below.

What really happened during the IvacyVPN speed test?

Before I did the test, I checked my own Internet connection and I got a download speed around 120 Mbps. That is a good speed, even though I often get better and speeds up towards 500 Mbps. However, the last time I did a NordVPN speed test with approximately 120 Mbps as my initiate speed, most of their servers were still able to give me download speeds surpassing 100 Mbps.

But, what happened during the IvacyVPN speed test? Well, I connected to the first IvacyVPN server in Australia and got a ping speed so slow that I haven’t seen anything similar so far in 2020 (the ping speed was 1394). But, even worse – my download speed was only 1,55 Mbps.

I thought, this has got to be a coincidence, because IvacyVPN is supposed to be really quick. That is why I quickly connected to a server in Austria (my neighbor country), and the ping speed was goo. But, then something strange happened – my download speed was 0,12 Mbps. What just happened? I couldn’t believe it.

To see if something had gone seriously wrong with my own Internet connection, I disconnected from the IvacyVPN server, and just tested my own speed once again. The result? 118 Mbps as my download speed.

I wanted to give IvacyVPN the benefit of the doubt, so I connected to a server in France. This time I wasn’t even able to perform a speed test, as the speed test site wasn’t able to perform a test at all.

Based on the three servers, I canceled the test and decided to reschedule my speed test for another day.

I still believe there has got to be a mistake somewhere. Maybe there were just running a server-system update, or something else… because IvacyVPN should be way better than this. I have also used the service to stream Amazon Prime videos (without buffering all the time), so once again, this isn’t the way it is supposed to be.

I am able to surf using IvacyVPN at the moment, but I do experience that sites load way slower than normal.

A new IvacyVPN speed test – one day later (February 25th, 2020)

Did IvacyVPN give me similar results one day later? Unfortunately, yes! Check the video below to see the recording of the speed test made on February 25th in 2020.

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