SimpleVPN review

When you do a search for VPN services on Google you will find SimpleVPN among the first results. The name is not just a name they chose by chance, but their goal is to make everything easy. And they have succeeded.

SimpleVPN client
SimpleVPN client

When you visit the SimpleVPN homepage you will get to know that everything is simple. One price includes all services and nothing more and nothing less (which we are very happy about after getting tired trying to understand the package solutions for StrongVPN). The price you need to know and understand is 10USD and that is the monthly fee you have got to pay to use SimpleVPN. Once there you simply make a subscription, download the program and then you are ready to go. Very simple, and we like that a lot (that is why we also liked HideMyAss).

When you have downloaded the program it will show up as an S in the lower right corner of your screen. Once you add your username and password you will from there be able to connect to servers in 16 nations around the earth. At the moment there are Simple VPN servers in: USA, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Russia and some more nations. You do not have to choose servers yourself, just select the nation you want to connect to and press connect.

SimpleVPN prices

As we have already said, very easy and simple: 10 USD per month

IP Address Guide conclusion

SimpleVPNWe really enjoyed the fact that SimpleVPN is easy and quick to use. The client could have been more colorful, but that is not at all important, so doesn’t really matter. The price is nice, but if you make a 12 month subscription you can get cheaper options elsewhere with for example HideMyAss (which also contain servers in more nations).

The speed tests we did gave us good results, in most cases they were a bit faster than HideMyAss and StrongVPN, but if we had to make one subscription only that would probably still not make us go for SimpleVPN. But, if you want it easy and SimpleVPN has a server in the nation you want to connect to, go for it… Works perfect and very easy to use!

Visit the SimpleVPN homepage to make a subscription. If you have tried SimpleVPN and would like to share your thoughts, write a comment!

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