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We have been out there checking out a VPN tool, and this time it is SuperVPN. It is not considered among the big one, but at their webpage they brag about servers in lots of nations around the world, so we thought it could be useful to take a closer look upon SuperVPN and write a SuperVPN review ourselves.

SuperVPN reviewAt first you will notice that SuperVPN has quite a lot of different services and options available as you make a subscription. If you can do some manual setup yourself in windows the cheapest and standard PPTP option should be more than good enough for you and we tried this option ourselves. We followed the instructions from the website of SuperVPN on how to get started and after 5-6 minutes we managed to setup SuperVPN and connect to one of their servers.

SuperVPN only requires a short review

We connected to servers in several nations and had the same problem everywhere. We restarted our browser and once out there surfing again everything was so slow that it was hopeless to do any sort of good surfing. We tried to visit speed test sites, we looked around in the IP Address Guide, but sites loaded so slowly (or didn’t load at all), so after some minutes of waiting we simply gave up.

There are some nice reviews of SuperVPN out there on the net, but most of these reviews seem to be scam as people got free subscriptions for writing positive feedback on blogs and forums, while the reality is that most users who have actually paid to use SuperVPN seem to come back with very negative credits.

That is why all we have to say and advice is for your as a wise Internet user to avoid SuperVPN and spend your money on safe and awesome services such as HideMyAss or IPVanish instead.

[stextbox id=”alert”]SuperVPN is said to have a guarantee meaning that you will get your money back within seven days if you are not satisfied. We have read about other people who have not received their money back, and in our case we also asked for a refund. They answer earlier emails we sent to support, but in the moment we asked for a refund no more answers has arrived to our emails![/stextbox]

4 thoughts on “SuperVPN review

  1. Laurindo Nunes says:

    Very unprofessional and not reliable


    – Signed up for Bosnia-and-Herzegovina-Dedicated-IP-VPN monthly plan and payed $30 for the 1st month.

    – after 21 days they couldn’t deliver the product or send me a refund –> so basically they scammed me for $30.

    Between the subscription/payment we exchanged a few emails:

    1. One week after the payment, they still had not deliver the product/app, so I asked if they had any idea on how much time it could take for them to send it.
    They told me they could not give me the exact time frame since that depends on the hosting company.

    2. After 16 days since the payment, still no product, so I asked for a refund. They did not send it and neither care to reply to the email.

    3. After 19 days since the payment, I told them that if they would not send me a refund during the next 48 hours I would have to give my feedback about their service. They did not send it or reply so here I’m sharing my experience with superVPN. Subscribe at your own risk.

  2. tom says:

    Supervpn is a great service provider,they have had their issues over rge years,but i have stayed with them,and they have improved greatly,on all fronts.They listen to customer feedback,they have always sorted any issues i have had,simple as 🙂

  3. Carmel McFayden says:

    I signed up with this service and it never worked. I also started having my emails rejected by certain servers so after two days i called the number on the website and called. Surprise, surprise the number did not work at all! I then emailed customer support and they refused to refund my money because the service worked. This is not what they said on the website. Anyway, beware of this company!!!!

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