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The Harry Potter series is one of the best series ever made. It is one of the series that keeps teenagers stuck in a chair for days as they read all eight books, and the movies have the same function on both teenagers and adults. Have you read the books, but still haven’t seen the movies? Are you too lazy to read the books, but you would still like to watch the movies? Where can I watch Harry Potter on Netflix? This article is for you!

harry potter on netflix

It took me many years to get an interest in Harry Potter. In fact, only as one of my children started to read the books, I decided to read the first Harry Potter book myself. I was surprised to see that my son loved the books (and he read all the books in a few months), and I followed his example. Not only did I like the books, but I also loved the movies. They are scary enough to make teenagers and adults pay close attention, but they aren’t too scary (making it unsuitable for teenagers). In other words, the Harry Potter movies are perfect action for the entire family in which all children are aged 10 or more.

Of course, some scenes can be scary, and the first shock comes at the end of the first movie, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I will not explain more about it, but that gives a little taste of what to expect later. As Woldermort shows up more frequently, his face is definitely able to scare both young and old, and as my kids watched the movies, the dementors showing up from the third movie definitely managed to scare them a bit.

In other words, even though the movies are suitable for teenagers, it is always wise to have an adult nearby who can pay attention to the reactions of the kids during the more scary scenes.

Are you ready to watch Harry Potter on Netflix?

You have prepared the popcorn. You are ready to watch Harry Potter. But, are you able to find the Harry Potter movies on Netflix? Times are changing, and so are the rights to which streaming service has the permission to broadcast the Harry Potter movies. I remember that the American streaming service PeacockTV streaming the Harry Potter movies for a long time. I also remember how the movies were available on Netflix in Turkey for a while. Now the movies cannot be found on PeacockTV in the USA, nor on Netflix in Turkey. So, where can you stream the movies right now?

At the moment, all the Harry Potter movies are on Netflix in the following countries:

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watching harry potter on netflix

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Fun facts about Harry Potter.

  • If you have read all the books in the Harry Potter series, you have read more than 1 million words.
  • The books have been translated into more than 80 different languages.
  • The movies had a box office revenue exceeding $7.7 Billion worldwide.
  • It is estimated that several hundred million people have read (or at least started to read) the Harry Potter books (more than 500,000,000 books have been sold).
  • We don’t know for sure, but J. K. Rowling has probably earned about $1 Billion from the Harry Potter series.

Are you ready to step into the world of Harry Potter? Enjoy streaming all the Harry Potter movies on Netflix. If you have further comments or questions, use the comment field below.

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