Watch The Bridge on Hulu (Scandinavian Crime series)

It can sometimes be refreshing to watch TV series and movies created outside Hollywood. Scandinavian movies and crime novels are really popular, and if you want more of that kind, start watching The Bridge on Hulu.

I have read quite a lot of Scandinavian crime literature, and my favorite writers are Jo Nesbo and Stieg Larsson. So, when I discovered that The Bridge is a Scandinavian series and that I can stream it on Hulu, I checked it out right away.

the bridge on hulu

It was by a coincidence that I bumped into The Bridge at first. I looked at a list presenting the content that will come to Hulu in March 2018, and there I suddenly noticed The Bridge (season 4). I had heard about The Bridge before (Broen/Bron), but I had nowhere to stream it, so that is why I have never seen it. But, since I have a bright mind I quickly understood that if Hulu wants to add the fourth season of The Bridge to Hulu, then they have probably the first three seasons already available. And guess what, I was right!

What is The Bridge about?

There is a bridge connecting Malmo (Sweden) to Copenhagen (Denmark). It is a beautiful bridge, but on a special evening the lights are turned off at the bridge and a body is dumped, just at the border between Sweden and Denmark. To solve the matter Swedish and Danish cops need to cooperate, but as the story evolves, we quickly find out that this is about much more than just one body. There is a truth teller out there, and his goal is to shed light on troubled areas in society. He doesn’t do it with writing or through politics, but by killing people.

How can I watch The Bridge on Hulu?

If you want to watch The Bridge on Hulu search for the Bridge and select the FX version (you will find other programs there carrying the same name). If you live abroad, find out how to stream Hulu abroad right here.

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