How to watch BT Sport from outside UK?

BT Sport is a great channel and they have broadcasting rights to almost 40 Premier League matches and so much more. But, what can you do if you are located outside UK to use your subscription and watch the sports events live online?

BT Sport does not only broadcast from Premier League, they also have rights to broadcast matches from La Liga, from Serie A in Italy, from Bundesliga, from the Scottish Premier League, from the UEFA Europe League and the FA Cup, and from the 2015-16 season quite a lot of Premier League matches. In addition they also broadcast from the MotoGP and the show rugby matches and more cool stuff. So, what can you do if you have a subscription to BT Sport and want to enjoy it to the max, also when abroad?

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Watch BT Sport from outside UK

Watch BT from abroadTo watch BT Sport from outside the UK you need to do exactly the same as you want to do when you want to watch BBC from abroad, Sky Sports from abroad, Channel 4 from abroad, ITV from abroad and so on. The answer is a UK IP address, and the number one tool for giving you a UK IP address is HideMyAss. They are a VPN provider with servers in more than 120 nations across the world, and with a subscription you can connect to one of their servers in the UK. This will result in you getting an IP address in England, which will make it possible for you to at once watch BT Sport again. This is a great tool, and it will not only give you an IP address in as much as 120 nations in the world, but it will also encrypt your Internet connection, making sure that none can steal your confidential data or follow your movements online.

Visit the HideMyAss website to sign up at once, and if you do so, you can find yourself watching BT Sport online in less than 5 minutes.HideMyAss

Have you tried this yourself? Why not write a comment and share with the world how it worked? We do know that it works and it works great, but share your experience to let the rest of our readers hear about it as well!

[stbpro id=”warning” caption=”2015 update”]It is no longer possible to sign up for BT Sport online without an exisiting cable subscription working, so if you do not have this, it will not be working for you.[/stbpro]

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