How to watch SKY from outside UK?

SKY from abroadSKY has one of the best TV networks in the world including channels such as Sky Sports, Sky News, Sky Movies, Sky Arts, Sky Living, Sky 1 and some more. How can you watch these SKY channels from outside UK and ROI?

There are several answers to this question, but the most important, is that you need a subscription to SKY to be able to watch their shows online. If you have a SKY account in the UK or in Ireland, then you will have free access to those channels online, just sign in and you will find out how to do so. If you do not have a SKY account yet, that can also be arranged.

If you want to watch SKY online in an easier way we recommend making a subscription to NOW TV instead, where you can easily sign up for movies, entertainment or sports, giving you the opportunity to watch all SKY action in a much easier way than the SKY website itself will offer you.

How to make a subscription to watch SKY online?

When you visit the SKY website you always get offers telling you how to subscribe to their different TV channel packages where it is to be setup in your home in the UK and so on. However, what you need is an online only package, where you can watch SKY online, and nothing else. That can be quite hard to find, but if you want to sign up for such a package you need to sign up for something named Sky GO. Visit that site and scroll down all the way until you find the following text: Find out how to get Sky GO without Sky TV in your home. Press this and then you are ready to make a subscription to one of the different Sky Go packages.

How to make a Sky GO subscription for online watching only
This is how you can make a Sky GO subscription for online watching only

If you have made your subscription, or already have a subscription, let us answer the next question.

[stbpro id=”warning” caption=”A cheaper solution”]If you want to watch Premier League, Liga BBVA or Serie A you can watch these online on Indian TV, Star Sports, and it is much cheaper and easier to get going with. Read the following article to find out how to watch Premier League and other sports on Star Sports from abroad.[/stbpro]

How to watch my Sky account from outside UK?

If you try to watch Sky Sports or some of the other Sky channels online from outside the United Kingdom or Ireland you will find out that there is a geo block on the programs, making it impossible to watch them. That is super annoying, especially considering the fact that you have already paid a lot to be able to watch Sky Sports, Sky 1 and the other channels already. If you have this problem, the solution is to get an IP address in the UK.

Once you have a UK IP address you will yet again be able to log into your Sky account and watch whatever live content you want, be it Premier League matches, movies or other similar cool stuff.

The safest, easiest and best way to get a UK IP address is to use a VPN solution. The best solutions VPN solutions if you want an IP in the UK is PureVPN or HideMyAss. The easiest to use and the service with the quickest setup is HideMyAss, and if you sign up for their services you can be able to watch Sky online in only a few minutes from now. Make a subscription, download their client, connect to one of their servers in the UK, restart your browser and you should be able to watch Sky News or whatever channel included in your Sky subscription.

HideMyAss PureVPN

[stextbox id=”info”]If you are not satisfied with the VPN service, HideMyAss has a 30 day money back guarantee (if you have used less than 10GB of bandwidth), so it is no risk using this service. Check it out today and enjoy watching Sky Sports, Sky News, Sky Movies, Sky Arts, Sky Living, Sky 1 and other channels live from all over the world.[/stextbox]

5 thoughts on “How to watch SKY from outside UK?

  1. Nigel Ross says:

    Just building a house in Wellard Perth Western Australia… I have an Aunty in Oxfordshire…

    But want Sky instead of the American Foxtel…

    To play on my TV’s at my new home…

    How can I do this?

    • Sam says:

      Hey Nigel, how are you?
      I have been researching this myself recently, there is a thing called slingbox, where you hook it up to the sky box at your aunties and she hooks it up to the internet, and you access it via the internet in Perth, the only problem with that is her internet connection, if se does not have good upload speeds then no matter how quick your internet is it will be rubish, also there is a 4-7 seconds lag when accessing the sky menu etc…. When you press a button.
      I have chosen the sky go option, just hook it up to my telly via the computer and the picture is good.
      But if you wanted a physical sky+ box to record on and access look up slingbox.

      Kind regards

      Sam Metcalfe

  2. caolina ernst says:

    i’m from argentina and i’ve been trying for weeks to get a sky go account but it seems imposible. Let’s see my problem mainly is with the billing information that sky go requires a the uk address and a uk credit card. i’ve already forged the address renting one in a uk website called forwardme but in the matter of credit cards would not go that far of course. neither the argentiniana card or an american prepaid card i have works and won’t know what else to do have any suggestion? would you help me?
    thanks so much
    kind regards
    happy christmas!

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