How to watch Copa America in Europe?

Watch Copa America onlineAre you in the mood for watching Copa America in Europe? Want to watch it, but can’t find a place to watch Copa America online? This is how it is done!

It is very easy to watch Copa America online and now with the knockout stage coming up there are lots of reasons for you to get watching. The biggest surprise so far is that Brazil did not actually make it to the knockout stage, but there are lots of other great teams that will be present there so do not miss out on the Copa America as things heat up.

If you want to watch Copa America in Europe, then this is what you will need to do! It will cost you some money, but it will for sure be worth it. You can later also use this to watch Liga BBVA, Ligue 1 and Serie A online in addition to lots of other football as well!

Watch Copa America online

To watch Copa America online you will need two things.

  • You will need a subscription to the VPN provider IPVanish which can give you an IP address in the USA.
    Click the button, sign up for their services and download the IPVanish client to your computer (or whatever platform you are using).
  • You will also need a subscription to fuboTV, a fantastic provider that shows fantastic football from different leagues and cups online.
    Visit fubo TV here
  • Now you use IPVanish to get an American IP address and visit fubo TV and you are ready to start watching. The first 24 hours of watching fubo TV is entirely free and afterwards you will have to pay 9,99 USD a month (it is completely worth it).

That is how easy it is to watch Copa America online. This will give you access to all Copa America matches online and lots of other great content, so have fun watching! Do not forget that you can use your IPVanish subscription also to watch Euro 2016 online, meaning that you can almost watch football from early morning till late at night, especially due to the time different between Europe and America.

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