How to watch Germany vs Poland online

The highlight of the day on June 16th will according to many be the match between Germany and Poland. If you would like to watch the match online, read on.

We have already written a long guide with general information about how you can watch all of Euro 2016 online. If you haven’t read that article we suggest that you read it, because there you will find out how to watch all Euro 2016 matches online, including the match between Germany and Poland.

germany vs poland online

It is very easy and in fact all you need is a subscription to HideMyAss, a UK VPN provider. You might wonder what that is all about, but if you want to watch Germany vs Poland online on ITV in England, then a UK IP address is needed, and that is something you can get easily using the VPN services of HideMyAss.

You can click the button beneath, download their VPN client, connect to a server in England and restart your browser and at once you will be ready to watch Germany play against Poland on ITV in England.


Now since Germany is playing you might think that you want to watch the match on German TV, but if you are located outside Germany then the streams provided by ARD and ZDF will remain unavailable to you. But, luckily you can use HideMyAss also to get a German IP address and with this IP you can watch the match between Germany and Poland on German TV. You can read more about how this is done in this German article (notice that it is written in German, so if you do not understand German you will not learn much from that article).

Enjoy watching the match!

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