Watch Copa America if you like football with many goals!

If you like football matches with lots of goals and lots of nice goals then you should probably skip Euro 2016 and watch Copa America 2016 instead.

If you haven’t followed any of these tournaments you do not understand what we are speaking about, but if you have followed both these tournaments then you will probably understand it. When you look upon the results from Euro 2016 the biggest win was when Spain won 3-0 against Turkey. Except from that there are some 2-0 wins, but most matches have ended with a 1-0 or similar result. The match with most goals so far was the 2-2 match between Croatia and the Czech Republic.

Now, if we would travel to USA where Copa America is arranged instead then it is interesting just looking on the results from the last two quarter finals. In one of them Argentina won 4-1 against Venezuela while Chile won 7-0 against Mexico in the other match. Earlier in the tournament Brazil has won 7-1 against Haiti and in general it can be said that the average amount of goals in Copa America is much higher than in Euro 2016.

If this sounds tempting then you can read more about how you can watch Copa America online right here. If you rather want to watch Euro 2016 then you can watch that online as well.

Here are the stats telling the truth about the amount of goals scored in Euro 2016 so far. In average there is a bit less than 2 goals scored in the matches, and most of the goals are scored between 31-45 minute, 46-60 and between 76-90 minute.

Euro 2016 stats
The average amount of goals in Euro 2016 is less than two goals per match!

Above you can see the statistics from the UEFA website telling us that less than two goals are scored in average per match in the European Championship.

If you go to watch Copa America the average amount of goals per match is between 3 and 4 goals, a much higher number.

In other words Copa America is for fans who love goals and lots of action, while Euro  is better for those with some patience.

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