How to watch Copa America 2019 online?

Copa America will be arranged for the 46th time in 2019 in the period between June 14th and July 7th. But, how can I watch Copa America online? Which TV stations will broadcast Copa America online around the world? Read on to find the best solutions for streaming this amazing football event online!

On June 14th, it is time for the kick-off of Copa America in 2019. This is the amazing tournament that will unite football enthusiasts all across the world. Because, even though it is Copa America, meaning a tournament for the American content, it will still be of interest to people in love with football all across the world. How come? Need I say more than Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, Neymar, Vidal, Higuain, and lots of other stars. This is not like the Asian Cup in which the Tottenham player Son was the biggest star. Rather the opposite, in Copa America you can follow some of the best football players in the world, and it is always interesting to see how Messi and the rest of the super-stars will perform once they take part in a tournament like this one.

Can Neymar and Brazil win Copa America in 2019?
Can Neymar and Brazil win Copa America in 2019?

How to watch Copa America 2019 online?

But, where and how can you watch Copa America 2019 online? Which channels will broadcast the event online? Beneath you can find a list presenting some of the TV channels that will broadcast the event.

USAFuboTV, NBC,ESPN,Telemundo
UKBT Sport

Above you can see some of the channels that will broadcast the event online. But, how can you get access to these channels which again will make you able to watch all the Copa America matches live online?

You will quickly discover that these TV stations and networks only can be streamed within their own country borders. In order to get access to these, you will need to fake or spoof your own IP address to one in those given countries, which will give you access to their live streams. But, if you want to watch BT Sport in the UK, it isn’t that easy still, as an actual cable subscription in needed. As a consequence, you can only watch BT Sport live online if you have an actual subscription to the channel. This means most people will be unable to watch Copa America online on BT Sport in the UK.

So, which are the best options if you want to watch Copa America live online?

Two easy ways to stream Copa America online!

The first option described here is by far the best as it is free, while the other option will cost you a monthly fee of 45 USD (but, the first seven days are free).

Watch Copa America online on SonyLIV in India

If might feel strange to watch Copa America online on Indian TV, but it is a great option and it works great. And what makes it cool is that they actually let you watch with English commentators. You can find the SonyLIV website at But, if you try to watch SonyLIV outside India, you will get a geographical error message telling you that the stream is unavailable and that you cannot access their live streams online.

Maybe you have heard of so-called VPN providers giving you an IP address in India? That is the solution, but it is very important to know that 98% of all VPN providers are blocked by SonyLIV, making it very important that you choose one that is actually working. And, based on all my recent tests the number one pick (and maybe the only one working) is PureVPN.

If you click the PureVPN button above you will be taken directly to their website. There you can sign up with no worries, download their VPN client, select streaming as your activity, and pick SonyLIV from the list of channels available. This will automatically connect you to a PureVPN server in India working with SonyLIV. You can then re-visit the SonyLIV website and start streaming the Copa America online right away.

PureVPN has a 31-day money back guarantee, making it very easy and convenient to give it a try. You are allowed to use one subscription at three devices at the same time, and they have very nice applications available for Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and several other platforms. You can also read more about PureVPN in our PureVPN review.

Watch Copa America live online at FuboTV (USA)

This might sound like a better option to most people, and it might be, but it will also cost you more money. FuboTV is an amazing streaming platform in the USA and with a subscription you will get access to all the amazing sports channels in the USA, and also lots of other channels (including FOX, CBS, NBC and so on).

To watch FuboTV in the United States, you will need to get an American IP address first. But, once again, any IP address in the United States will not necessarily do the job, and that is why it is important to us a VPN that will unblock FuboTV for you. Once again, PureVPN is a brilliant choice for this job, and the fact that you also can use it with SonyLIV in India should only come as a bonus.

If you want to use some other VPN provider instead, check out the best VPN providers for streaming FuboTV abroad in the following article.

Watch Copa America live online – step by step

  • Use the VPN services of PureVPN by installing their application on your device.
  • Open their application and connect to server in India/USA to watch SonyLIV/FuboTV.
  • Open the website of SonyLIV/FuboTV and start streaming right away.

You can also use PureVPN to watch BT Sport outside the UK (if you have a BT Sport subscription), and to get access to lots of other TV channels all across the world, including BBC in England, American Netflix, Hulu in the USA, and so much more.

More about Copa America

Why isn’t Mexico and the United States partaking in Copa America 2019?

One of my greatest sorrows about Copa America in 2019 is the fact that the United States and Mexico will not participate. How come? Well, Copa America is arranged by CONMEBOL, the confederation of teams from South America. The tournament normally consist of 12 teams, 10 from South America, and then with the USA and Mexico coming in addition. But, since the World Cup in 2022 will be arranged by Qatar, they have decided to invite Qatar to partake in Copa America. In addition, Japan will also take part in Copa America, and thus Mexico and the United States were left outside. These nations will partake in the Gold Cup instead, a tournament hosted by the CONCACAF.

Which venues will be used during Copa America 2019?

There will be six venues in use during Copa America 2019, locateed in five different cities. We all know these stadiums from the FIFA World Cup in Brazil in 2014. The biggest stadium is Estádio do Maracanã which is located in Rio. This stadium has space for almost 80,000 people and this is the venue that will host the final of the tournament.

There are two stadiums located in Sao Paolo, Estádio do Morumbi and Arena Corinthians. These have space for 67,000 and 49,000 people, and are very nice looking and modern stadiums.

The other three stadiums in use all have capacity for more than 50,000 people, and those stadiums are Estádio Mineirão in Belo Horizonte, Arena do Grêmio in Porto Alegre, and Itaipava Arena Fonte Nova in Salvador.

When will the next Copa America be arranged?

That might sound like a stupid question, but from 2020 things will change and Copa America will be arranged in the same years as the European Championships, meaning that we will see the tournament again in 2020. That will not be the only change, but there will be 16 teams participating instead of 12 (as per today). In other words, the Copa America in 2019 will be the last of its kind.

Which team won Copa America in 2015?

The winners from the last tournament was Chile who won against Argentina in the final. The third place was taken by Colombia after beating the United States in the bronze match.

Copa America 2019 schedule

When will the different teams play during Copa America 2019? Here you will find the full schedule presenting all the matches to be played during the tournament.

Copa America 2019 Group Stage Cchedule

  • 14 June – Brazil vs Bolivia (Morumbi Stadium, Sao Paulo)
  • 15 June – Argentina vs Colombia (Itaipava Arena Fonte Nova, Salvador)
  • 15 June – Venezuela vs Peru (Arena do Gremio, Porto Alegre)
  • 16 June –  Uruguay vs Ecuador (Estadio Mineirao, Belo Horizonte)
  • 16 June – Paraguay vs Qatar (Estadio do Maracana, Rio de Janeiro)
  • 17 June –  Japan vs Chile (Estadio do Morumbi, Sao Paulo)
  • 18 June – Bolivia vs Peru (Estadio do Maracana, Rio de Janeiro)
  • 18 June – Brazil vs Venezuela (Itaipava Arena Fonte Nova, Salvador)
  • 19 June –  Colombia vs Qatar (Estadio do Morumbi, Sao Paulo)
  • 19 June –  Argentina vs Paraguay (Estadio Mineirao, Belo Horizonte)
  • 20 June –  Uruguay vs Japan (Arena do Gremio, Porto Alegre)
  • 21 June –  Ecuador vs Chile (Itaipava Arena Fonte Nova, Salvador)
  • 22 June – Peru vs Brazil (Arena Corinthians, Sao Paulo)
  • 22 June – Bolivia vs Venezuela (Estadio Mineirao, Belo Horizonte)
  • 23 June –  Qatar vs Argentina (Arena do Gremio, Porto Alegre)
  • 23 June –  Colombia vs Paraguay (Itaipava Arena Fonte Nova, Salvador)
  • 24 June –  Chile vs Uruguay (Estadio do Maracana, Rio de Janeiro)
  • 24 June –  Ecuador vs Japan (Estadio Mineirao, Belo Horizonte)

Copa America 2019 Quarter-finals

  • 27 June – TBD vs TBD (Arena do Gremio, Porto Alegre)
  • 28 June – TBD vs TBD (Arena Corinthians, Sao Paulo)
  • 28 June – TBD vs TBD (Estadio do Maracana, Rio de Janeiro)
  • 29 June – TBD vs TBD (Itaipava Arena Fonte Nova, Salvador)

Copa America 2019 Semi-finals

  • July 2 – TBD vs TBD (Estadio Mineirao, Belo Horizonte)
  • July 3 – TBD vs TBD (Arena do Gremio, Porto Alegre)

Copa America 2019 Bronze match

  • July 6 – TBD vs TBD (Arena Corinthians, Sao Paulo)

Copa America 2019 final

  • July 7 – TBD vs TBD (Estadio do Maracana, Rio de Janeiro)

Copa America 2019 Groups

If you have looked through the schedule, you probably understand which team will play against one another during the group stage. But, to make it even easier for you, here you have the full presentation of the three groups of the tournament.

Copa America 2019 – Group A

  • Brazil
  • Bolivia
  • Venezuela
  • Peru

Copa America 2019 – Group B

  • Argentina
  • Colombia
  • Paraguay
  • Qatar

Copa America 2019 – Group C

  • Uruguay
  • Ecuador
  • Japan
  • Chile

Are you ready to stream Copa America online?

If you have read through this entire article, you should probably know a lot more about Copa America already, and you should know how and where to stream the different matches online. If you still have any questions about how you can stream Copa America online, please write a comment and I will do my best to answer and help you out.

Which team do you think will win Copa America 2019?
Do you have a favorite team or a favorite player in the tournament? Which team do you hope will win? Write a comment and let me know which team you will cheer for and why during the tournament!

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