Watch England – Netherlands online (Nations League semi-final)

It is time for the second semi-final in the Nations League tonight between England and the Netherlands. After a very interesting semi-final yesterday between Portugal and Switzerland, we are hungry for more action tonight. But, how can you watch England vs. the Netherlands online?

Yesterday’s match will first of all be remembered for the amazing penalty situation in the second half, in which the outcome could have ended with a penalty for either of the teams. But, Switzerland was lucky and they got the penalty. And even though Switzerland was the better team, Portugal had Ronaldo in their squad, and he made the difference. So, when the referee blew his whistle the result was 3-1 for Portugal and tonight we will find out who they will play against in the first Nations League final ever.

where can I watch England vs the Netherlands live online tonight?
Find out how you can watch England vs. Netherlands live online tonight!

The best ways to watch England vs. the Netherlands online

Would you like to watch the semi-final online tonight? This is how it can be done!

  1. You need to use the VPN services of ExpressVPN to alter your IP address to one in either Switzerland or in the Netherlands.
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  2. Download the ExpressVPN client to your computer, install it, and connect to a server in one of the nations.
  3. Visit and watch the live stream of the match on Swiss TV, or visit and watch the live stream of the match on Dutch TV.

It is very important that you use ExpressVPN, as all other VPN providers are blocked by NPO in the Netherlands. SRF in Switzerland is a bit easier to access, but still – we recommend using ExpressVPN.

Not only will ExpressVPN give you access to the live streams on both channels, but you can later use their service to watch Netflix in 6-7 regions, to watch TV channels like NBC, BBC, and ITV, and to watch lots of sports events online (for example, the FIFA World Cup for women starting in a couple of days from now).

Does this work on Android devices as well?

Yes, it does! You will simply have to download the SRF or the NPO application to your mobile device together with ExpressVPN, and you will be good to go.

Which team will win – England or the Netherlands?

This is like watching Ajax – Tottenham over again? Which team will win this time? Will it be England, or will it be the Netherlands? I don’t really know, but the English nation is in a wind of positivity, so I believe it will be hard to stop them tonight. But, our Dutch friends have also been extremely good lately, so I would say this is a 50/50 match and anything can happen.

Which nation do you cheer for? Which team do you believe will win?

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