How to watch the FINA World Championships 2017 online?

In the period between July 14th and July 30th the FINA World Championships will be arranged in Budapest, Hungary. Do you want to watch the World Aquatics Championships online? This is how it is done!

The FINA World Championships is one of the biggest and most important sports events in 2017. Since there are no big football tournaments or Olympics arranged, this is one of the biggest of the events actually arranged. Hungary, the nation hosting the championships, is a nation known for its swimmers, and the biggest of them at all the moment is the Iron Woman, better known as Katinka Hosszu. She won three gold medals during the Rio Olympics in 2016. The home audience expect her to do even better during the World Championships. Is that possible?

The Hungarian Iron Lady
Can Katinka Hosszu win lots of gold medals in Budapest as well?

Hungary has several other swimmers competing as well, for example Laszlo Cseh and Tamas Kenderesi, both capable of winning gold medals during the tournament. But, with the fantastic swimmers arriving from the United States, South Africa, Sweden and other nations, it will not be easy for the Hungarians to win. Would you like to watch the FINA World Championships online?

Watch the Swimming World Championships online!

Little to no information has been given about which TV stations will actually broadcast this event across the world. We will therefore only be able to actually update this article once the championships start and we discover it for ourselves. What we do know is the following:

You can stream the event on Hungarian TV. The national sports channel M4 will broadcast everything that happen during the championships, and their streams are available free online, if you have a Hungarian IP address. This is how you can watch the event on Hungarian TV.

  • First sign up for the VPN services of the provider ExpressVPN.
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  • Download their VPN client to your computer and connect to a server in Hungary.
  • Visit Press ELO in the upper right corner and choose M4.
  • You are now watching live from the event on Hungarian TV.

The event will also be broadcasted by Eurosport on quite a lot of European nations. To stream the FINA World Championship on Eurosportplayer, you need a subscription to Eurosportplayer and an IP address in the nation where you can watch the event. Based on what we know the event will be broadcasted on Eurosportplayer in for example Norway and Sweden, so just use ExpressVPN to connect to a server in any of those nations and visit the Eurosportplayer. You can read more about streaming Eurosportplayer abroad in this article.

We will do our best to update this article even more, but so far the best method by far is to stream the event on Hungarian TV. If you do not like ExpressVPN, they have a 30 day full refund policy of your money.

FINA Swimming World Championship schedule

Would you like to know, what will happen when and where during the FINA World Championship? You can download the full schedule for the entire event from here.

Some of the highlights from the schedule:

  • July 14th, 20.00 – The Opening Ceremony in Danube Arena
  • July 28th, 20.30 – Water polo final for women
  • July 29th, 20.30 – Water polo final for men
  • July 23rd – 30th – All sorts of swimming finals

Did you know this about the FINA World Championships in 2017?

The World Championships were not supposed to be arranged in Budapest, Hungary, but in Guadalajara, Mexico. After winning the bid, Mexico however withdrew their request, as they could not afford arranging the event after all. Hungary then took their place, where a brand new arena was built for the event. The new venue, named Danube Arena, was finished in 2017. It has space for 5000 people, but for the swimming World Championships an additional 8000 seats will be added. In the original plans for the venue it would also be used during the Summer Olympics in 2024 (which Budapest wanted to host), but the city has since then withdrawn their bid for the Summer Olympics in 2024.

Fina World Championships 2017

There will also be arranged some events during the FINA World Championships in 2017 in the Alfred Hajos arena at the Margaret Island in Budapest, and the coolest venue is for sure the beautiful Lake Balaton which will be used during the World Championships as well.

The open water swimming events and the high diving events will be arranged at Lake Balaton, while the Alfred Hajos pool will be used for water polo. The other events will be arranged in the Danube Arena.

The swimming events will take place between July 23rd and July 30th, while diving, synchronized swimming and open water swimming will take place between July 14th and July 22nd. The water polo tournament will run throughout the entire event.

Will Michael Phelps compete in Budapest?

We do not know that for sure. It might be, but no sources are still confirming this. But, if you want to watch the event online, follow the instructions above, and you will be able to watch all the events during the FINA World Championships live online all across the world. That might be especially important, since there are lots of nations in which this event will not be broadcasted. Unfortunately swimming, diving, water polo and such sports have a limited audience, and thus most nations in the world will let this event pass by without mentioning it anywhere. If you live in such a nation, these instructions will help you get access to the entire event online anyway.

If you have questions related to streaming the World Championships 2017 online, write a comment field beneath!

14 thoughts on “How to watch the FINA World Championships 2017 online?

  1. Jozsef says:

    Do you know who will broadcast the World Championships in the UK? Is there a way to stream it on UK TV somehow on the Internet?

    • Thomas Stein says:

      It will start at 20.00 (local time in Hungary). Just updated the article, so you can now download the full schedule for the event, and also see some events highlighted!

  2. Michael P. says:

    Do you know who will broadcast the Swimming championship in the United States? Earlier it has been NBC / Univision, but don’t know this time.

    • Thomas Stein says:

      I just found out that NBC has the rights to broadcast the FINA World Championship in the USA. The event will be broadcasted on a mixture of NBC, NBCSN, and the Olympic Channel.

      • Michael P. says:

        Is there a way to stream these channels online? You need a subscription to stream NBC live online (if I remember correct).

        • Thomas Stein says:

          You can get access to NBCSN in parts using for example Fubo TV. But, probably a better solution is to sign up for YouTube LIVE TV or Hulu Live TV. These services are only available in the United States, and they will cost you at least 35 USD per month.

  3. Laszlo says:

    The World Championship in Swimming in Hungary should be boycotted. The Hungarian government has spent way to much money on this craziness, and lots of money has just disappeared under the table somewhere (into the pockets of good friends here and there). I am not sure if boycotting the event by not watching it the best way to protest, but at least it is a way of trying!

  4. Johnson says:

    Come on, only three days left before the swimming championships will start. Time to update this article with some useful info!

    • Thomas Stein says:

      Thanks for reminding us. So little information has been given about who will broadcasted the Swimming Championships in Budapest, so we can not really complete the article. But, we have updated with some information, which should at least make anyone really interested able to stream the event online (from start till end). We will also do our best to update even more in the upcoming days!

      • Johnson says:

        Thanks for your answer. Will the version with Hungarian TV also work on my mobile phone or tablet, as I would like to stream some of the swimming competitions while at work on my tablet? It seems to only work on computers. Please help!

        • Thomas Stein says:

          You should be able to stream the event on your mobile device as well. If you visit Google Play Store, do a quick search for either Mediaklikk or M4 Sport. Download either of the applications, and once inside you visit the menu and press ELO ADAS. There you will be able to stream the event online. You will need a VPN for this to work as well, so install ExpressVPN and use your user data to connect to a server in Hungary before you open the application to stream the FINA Championships online.

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