Watch HBO Now on Playstation 3 & 4

Playstation fans have been waiting for this news for more than a year, and finally it is here. You can now watch HBO Now on Playstation 3 & 4, so hurry up and get started.

It has taken a very long time for HBO Now to arrive with its application to the Sony Playstation systems, but finally it is here. You do not have to wait anymore, because the app is available and you can download it straight away. As a result you can start watching your favorite TV series like Game of Thrones on your Playstation, or maybe go ahead and watch a film like The Revenant or Point Break instead!

Now you can watch HBO Now on PS3 and PS4

The lack of an HBO Now application for Playstation has kept the service away from a large group of possible subscribers. But, with the app now available those possible subscribers can go ahead and sign up for a free month of HBO Now right away. And in addition to the fantastic films and famous TV series such as Game of Thrones, you can now also watch the brand new HBO series – Westworld.

Watch Westworld on HBO Now on PS3 and PS4

Westworld is the bran new HBO series that the company hope will turn into a new “Game of Thrones” when it comes to success. The first two episodes are already available on HBO Now, and in the first season we can expect a total of 10 episodes.

Westworld tells a story about a dream world in which human bots exist. These are only there serving the real human beings traveling into Westworld to live out their desires. But, it ain’t really that easy. The story is intricate and it will take you a while to really understand the different characters, the challenges in the real world and in the “Westworld” and all the different characters featured in the story.

Our breath has not been taken away by the first two episodes, and there are tons of other TV series we would prefer instead of Westworld. But, more about that in another future article where we will share our thoughts on lots of the TV series that had it’s TV premieres this autumn.

Go ahead and watch HBO Now on your Playstation device. To find out more about how you can access HBO Now from abroad, click the link.

Have you tried the HBO Now for Playstation? Did you like it’s design?  Are you satisfied with HBO Now as a streaming service in itself?

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