Dual Shock vs. Aim Controller in Firewall Zero Hour

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about how Firewall Zero Hour just got way better after some recent updates and patches. In that article, I also said that I was still playing Firewall Zero Hour with my Dual Shock controller while waiting for my Aim Controller to arrive. Well, the Aim Controller has Read More

Firewall: Zero Hour just got better (patch 1.26)

Before Christmas, I asked the Steemit community whether the Playstation VR/3D package is worth the money. I never received any feedback so I decided to find the truth myself. As a result, I got the VR package for Christmas and I have tested quite a lot of games since then. But, there is only one Read More

Watching Amazon Prime on your Playstation, also from abroad!

Do you have a Playstation and an Amazon Prime subscription? Have you traveled somewhere outside the USA and have trouble because you are not able to watch Prime films and other Amazon Instant Videos online? Do you wonder what can be done to watch Amazon Prime videos and Amazon Instant Videos on your Playstation, also Read More