How to watch from abroad?

laola1 tvThe Austrian TV channel is an awesome channel for those who love sports, and especially football. Here you can watch lots of events online, and the most popular of all leagues available online is the Spanish La Liga, which can be watched online at

What is awesome about this channel, is that all the content is available for free online if you are located in Austria. You can pay for an upgrade that will give you even higher quality on the broadcast, but for most people the standard quality and free package is more than enough. The only problem is though that as you leave Austria and Germany and try to watch the live streams at you will get problems because they are only available inside those nations. Therefore, to be able to watch from outside Austria/Germany you need to get an IP address in one of the nations. And the best way to do so is by using a VPN provider which will give you an IP address in one of the nations. And for that purpose the ideal and easiest solution is to use IPVanish.IPVanish

Watch from outside Austria / Germany

Visit the IPVanish website above and sign up for their VPN service. It is incredibly easy to use and all you need to do is to download their VPN client after signing up and connect to a server in Germany or Austria, and you are ready to go and to watch from wherever you are in the world. We have used this plenty of times ourselves, especially when in the mood for Spanish football, and for example if you want to watch the Copa Del Rey final online on the Internet.

Ready to try this for yourself and to watch from your current location? Make the Internet believe that you are in Germany or Austria using IPVanish and connecting to one of their servers in one of the nations. As you do so you will get a German or an Austria IP address, which will result in you being able to watch

We just have one more thing to say: ENJOY THE GAME!

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