How to watch SIC from abroad?

SIC from abroadIs there a show on the Portugese TV channel SIC that you would like to watch, but you are not able to due to the fact that you are currently residing somewhere outside Portgual?

To watch most programs available on SIC (and the different channels available in their system), you will need to get yourself a Portugese IP address. If you try to watch most broadcasts and shows available online without a Portugese IP address you will get an error message telling you that the program can not be seen from your current location. Therefore you need to get yourself a Portugese IP address, and once you have that ready, you can visit the SIC website again (powered by SAPO) and watch both football matches available online with their live stream, and other cool stuff available online.

To get yourself an IP address in Portugal we recommend using the services of HideMyAss, an amazing VPN provider.HideMyAss

Watch SIC using VPN

Once you visit the HideMyAss website and sign up for their services you can download their application. With this application you can connect to one of their services in Portugal which again will provide you with a Portugese IP address, and this will then give you a local IP in Portugal. Once connected all websites, including, will believe that you are located in Portugal, which means that you can watch all online content again.

We here in the IP Address Guide have used this strategy several times, especially during Europe League matches, as they normally broadcast one match live every Thursday during such weekends.

Try this for yourself, and if you are not satisfied, HideMyAss has a thirty day money back guarantee, so no risk at all in trying this!

Good luck, and enjoy watching SIC from outside Portugal.

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