Watch Ligue 1 highlights on YouTube

Did you know that you can watch Ligue 1 highlights from all Ligue 1 matches on YouTube? it is completely free and a brilliant way to see the goals and Ligue 1 action online for free!

It was by a coincidence that we bumped into this fantastic way to watch the Ligue 1 highlights online. But, as we discovered it we fell in love with it. Ligue 1 has a dedicated YouTube channel, and on that channel they add highlights from all Ligue 1 matches after they have been played and are finished. Now the commentaries are in French, so you might not understand everything that is said. But, there is one language that you understand if you are a football fan, and that language is goals! Because, on YouTube you can watch all the goals and highlights, and that you will understand no matter which language the commentaries are in.

Watch Ligue 1 and Mario Balotelli highlights on YouTube

You might like all the summaries from the Ligue 1 matches, but if you want to watch the Ligue 1 matches live, then you will have to follow our instructions on how to watch Ligue 1 live online instead.

About the Ligue 1 summaries

What is brilliant about this YouTube channel is that it is completely free. It can be watched from all across the world, and you do not even need a VPN subscription in order for this to work. We have used this several times and it is fantastic to watch Ligue 1 in this way. It works especially well if you want to watch the goals scored by your favorite player or your favorite team.

Yes, we know that Zlatan is no longer playing, but now Mario Balotelli is playing for Nice in Ligue 1, so we will for sure get some chances to have fun and watch a big football profile anyway! He scored two goals in his opening match for Nice against Marseille, and now we are curious to see how big a hit he can become in French football. He has for sure superseded his Premier League success already! If you want to watch his goals from the opening match, check this YouTube video.

Mario Balotelli with great success in his Ligue 1 opening match!

We hope you will enjoy the Ligue 1 summaries on YouTube, and if you have further comments or questions, just use the comment field beneath!

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