How to watch Dplay from abroad?

Dplay is a live streaming service available in Scandinavian countries. It requires a subscription, but if you try to enjoy your Dplay subscription abroad, it will not work.

Dplay is a fantastic service in the Scandinavian countries. There you can watch lots of great TV shows, and in addition you can get access to a whole lot of sports. For example Dplay in Norway will broadcast lots of football matches from the Europe League, from the World Cup qualifiers and more, and the same is true for Dplay in Sweden and Denmark and so on.

This is how you can access Dplay outside Scandinavia

That is why lots of people have their very own subscription to Dplay, so that they can get access to all this content whenever they want to, and wherever they want to. But, if you travel on a holiday to a nice city in Southern Europe like Rome and want to watch Dplay between all the attractions, then you will have a problem. It will not work, because you are located abroad and Dplay can only be streamed in those Scandinavia.

Important when you try to watch Dplay abroad

    • Norwegian Dplay subscription can only be used in Norway
    • Swedish Dplay subscription can only be used in Sweden
    • Danish Dplay subscription can only be used in Denmark


But, how can you fix this, so that you can enjoy your Norwegian Dplay subscription while abroad? Or your Swedish Dplay subscription or your Danish subscription?

Watch Dplay outside Scandinavia

To get access to these live streams from abroad, you will need to do as follows:


Sign up for the VPN services of HideMyAss. They have VPN servers all across the world, and also in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Connect to a server in the nation you are interested in. Once connected you will have a local IP address in that nation. Visit the Dplay website over again, and you will now be able to watch their live streams, no matter where you might be in the world.

That is how easy it is to watch Dplay from abroad. We hope you will give it a try, and if you should get any trouble or have a question, use the comment field beneath!

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