Watch Manchester City – Tottenham online (April 20th, Premier League)

Manchester City just missed out on a chance to get to the semi-finals in the Champions League, because of Tottenham. That happened on April 17th, and three days later, Tottenham might once again cause trouble for Manchester City, and this time the Premier League trophy is at stake. No wonder why everyone wants to watch Manchester City – Tottenham online. But, how and where can you stream Premier League football online? Where can I watch Manchester City vs. Tottenham on the Internet?

Watch Manchester City vs Tottenham online on April 20th in the Premier League

The match between Manchester City and Tottenham is one of the biggest highlights in the remaining Premier League season. Manchester City has won match after match recently, and they seem to be incredibly strong… at least until they lost the Champions League quarter finals against Tottenham. In other words, it isn’t impossible to beat Manchester City, but it is really hard. But, will the Manchester City players come with fire in their eyes to this match, eager to prove that they are the best team in England? Or, has the air left the balloon, and now they are just fed up with life and lost confidence in themselves?

How to watch Manchester City – Tottenham online?

There are several ways to watch Manchester City vs. Tottenham online. The best methods are as follows.

  • Watch Manchester City – Tottenham on Hotstar in India. It is brilliant and will give you access to all the Premier League matches online for the cheapest price on earth! More instructions on how you can watch Hotstar abroad can be found here.
  • Watch Manchester City – Tottenham on Fubo TV in the USA. This is an amazing streaming service in the USA which will give you access to all the best of sports online. It is way more expensive than Hotstar, but a brilliant portal for sports fans. More on how to stream FuboTV outside the USA can be found here.

These are the best ways to watch the Premier League matches online. Again, the Hotstar option is super-cheap and by far the best as it will let you watch every single Premier League match throughout the entire season with English speaking commentators, but the decision is yours.

Can Guardiola bring Manchester City back on track after their Champions League loss against Tottenham?
Can Guardiola bring Manchester City back on track after their Champions League loss against Tottenham?

A lot is at stake when Tottenham comes to play against Manchester

Liverpool is at the top of the Premier League standings at the moment, but they have one match more played, meaning that Manchester City has +3 points waiting for them with a victory in their missing match. And if they get those three points, they will suddenly be at the top of the Premier League standings sheet. But, if they play a draw, they will be at the same amount of points as Liverpool (but they have scored more goals), and if they lose, Liverpool suddenly has a golden chance of remaining at the top.

But, Manchester City isn’t the only team with something at stake in this match. Tottenham is currently ranked third in the Premier League, but only one point ahead of Arsenal and Chelsea, and three points ahead of Manchester United. In other words, they need to grab points as well to make sure that they stay in the top four which will secure them a spot in the Champions League next year as well. If they lose, they might in the worst case end up on a sixth place in the Premier League which means a chance to qualify for the Europe League.

Worth knowing about Manchester City vs. Tottenham

If you look on the recent results from matches between the teams in the Premier League, Manchester City has won the three last matches. Earlier in this season, Manchester City won 1-0 against Tottenham at White Hart Lane. In the 2017-18 season Guardiola’s players won 4-1 at their home-field, and won 3-1 in London. In other words, they have a grip on Totttenham. At least until the teams met in the Champions League. First, Tottenham won 1-0 in London, and then they lost 4-3 in Manchester, but that was enough to bring them to the semi-finals based on away goals. What will happen this time as they play in Manchester on April 20th? Watch the match online to find out!

Which team do you cheer for, Manchester City or Tottenham?

Now I would love to know which team you cheer for in this match? Personally, I hope Tottenham will win, and I desperately hope that Liverpool will end up winning the Premier League. Not because I am a big Liverpool fan, but because I always love when the underdogs win (and compared to Manchester City, I consider Liverpool to be an underdog).

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