How to watch Ajax-Tottenham online?

The semi-final in the Champions League between Ajax and Tottenham will be a real treat. Both teams are surprisingly in the semi-final, but they have both proved themselves brilliant throughout the knockout stage. But, who will win? This guide will tell you how to watch Ajax-Tottenham online on May 8th!

The first match between Tottenham and Ajax was played at April 30th in London and ended up with a 1-0 victory for Ajax. The second leg will be played in Amsterdam on May 8th. These instructions will tell you how to watch the match(es) online.

Tottenham qualified for the semi-finals in the Champions League after an amazing match against Manchester City on April 17th. It was one of the coolest matches ever, and with so much action that people with heart trouble for sure suffered throughout the match. Not only were there many goals, but the video referee was taken in use several times, and the most crucial was when a Manchester City goal was “taken away” in the 92nd minute of the match.

How to watch Tottenham vs. Ajax Amsterdam online?

But, Tottenham isn’t the only team to play interesting football this year. Who would ever expect Ajax to get to the semi-finals in the Champions League? Not many people did, but looking at how they have been playing, they for sure deserve a place there. Not only did Ajax win against the former champions Real Madrid, but following their performance against the Spanish team, they continued by beating the Italian champion Juventus, with Christiano Ronaldo in their squad. And considering how Ajax has been able to beat both Real Madrid and Juventus, most people would say that Tottenham shouldn’t be that hard to beat at all.

So, what can we expect from the match between Tottenham and Ajax? And more importantly, how and where can you watch Tottenham vs. Ajax online? Well, Ajax won the first match 1-0, and now they need to keep Tottenham far from their own goal and protect their victory from the first match. Can they be able to do so?

How to watch Ajax – Tottenham online?

Here in our IP Address Guide, we have a very detailed article giving you information on how to watch the Champions League online. There you can read about different TV channels that will show you the matches online (for free), and here you can see some of the TV channels that will let you stream Tottenham – Ajax online.

But, this is the best way to watch Ajax – Tottenham online.

  • Visit the NordVPN website and sign up for their VPN package.
  • Download the VPN client from NordVPN and open it.
  • Connect to a server in Hungary which will give you a Hungarian IP address.
  • Visit and click ELO in the upper right corner and select M4 Sport as your channel.
  • You can now watch Ajax vs. Tottenham online, and later the Champions League final in the same way.

NordVPN has a 30-day money back guarantee and you can use your subscription at 6 different devices at the same time. In addition, you can use NordVPN to stream 6 different Netflix regions and unblocking other streaming services and TV networks all around the world. Want to know more? Check our NordVPN review.

If you have any further questions about how you can watch Ajax – Tottenam online, write a comment beneath and we will do our best to answer as quickly as possible.

Watching Tottenham - Ajax live online on M4 in Hungary
Watching Tottenham – Ajax live online on M4 in Hungary (a screenshot from the first match)

You are now ready to stream Ajax – Tottenham online

Follow the instructions above and you will be ready to stream Ajax – Tottenham online in a few minutes from now. Doesn’t that sound great? And yes, you can use NordVPN to stream the Champions League final on M4 in Hungary later, and you can also stream the match on SRF in Switzerland and several other channels.

Do you want to experience something fun? After connecting to a VPN server in Hungary to stream Ajax vs. Tottenham online, visit Have you noticed that the content has changed? Do you know why? You are currently watching the content available on Netflix in the United States? NordVPN works with a 6-7 different Netflix regions, and if you connect to a server in a nation in which NordVPN cannot unblock Netflix, you will automatically get access to American Netflix instead!

Stream Tottenham – Ajax online

These instructions should help you watch Ajax – Tottenham online. But, which team will win the match? Can Ajax surprise once again (it doesn’t really come as a surprise anymore if they do), or will Tottenham play their solid football which led them to a 1-0 victory against Manchester City during the first Champions League quarter-final at their new home-field in London? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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