How to watch the Premier League in USA without a cable subscription?

The Premier League might be the most interesting football league int he world. But, how can you watch the Premier League in the United States without a cable subscription?

You might know that you can watch the Premier League in the United States if you have a cable subscription to NBCSN. But, what about those who do not have an actual cable subscription, but still want to watch the Premier League? Can it be done?

Watch premier League in the US without a cable subscription
This is how to watch Barclay’s Premier League in the United States without a cable subscription – mrmichaelangelo /

Of course you can watch the Premier League in the USA without a cable subscription!

Luckily for you it is very easy to get access to the Premier League so that you can watch it in the United States, also without a cable subscription. I will here explain two ways in which you can get access to and watch the Premier League online without a cable subscription. It is no secret that the first version is the best, but if you want to look around, then you might consider version number two as well!

Watch the Premier League on Fubo TV

An almost brand new service (since February 2017) which can give you access to the Premier League in England is Fubo TV. This is a streaming platform first and foremost for sports, but you can also get access to other TV programs and TV networks there. At Fubo TV you can stream the Premier League, but you can also get access to Bundesliga, La Liga, Ligue 1, Champions League and Europe League, meaning that you can stay 100% up to date on European football if you want to. You will in addition get access to Major League Soccer and you can also watch Liga MX in Mexico if you like that.

Fubo TV can be used on your computer, tablet, phone and also on Smart TV’s, meaning it is a perfect option if you want to watch Premier League in the United States without a cable subscription.

The price for Fubo TV package including all these football leagues and much more is currently 35 USD per month (Fubo TV Premier). Give it a try, because it is completely free to use for the first seven days.

Watch the Premier League on Sling TV

If you do not want to use Fubo TV, then you can also get access to Premier League without a cable subscription in the USA using Sling TV. This is a service quite similar to Fubo TV, only with less European football available, a worse layout and website, and the prices are not really cheaper either. But, you could of course consider using Sling TV as well.

Now these are the two best ways to stream the Premier League in the USA if you do not want to buy an expensive cable subscription. We have tried both of these, and they work well, but we are big fans of Fubo TV, so we would for sure use that service if our goal was to watch Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, Tottenham, Liverpool and all our other favorite teams in England play their matches.

The interest for the Premier League in the United States

It is often reported about an increase in the interest of soccer in the United States, and that more and more people are interested in the Major League Soccer, and of course in the top leagues in Europe. But, it is also a common problem that the matches played in Europe often are shown in the United States at terrible times. Who wants to watch a Premier League match at 6.00 in the morning, or maybe even earlier? It might be due to this that it has been said to be a decrease in the amount of viewers actually watching the Premier League in the United States, but at the same time the amount of fans cheering for their favorite players in Europe seems to be bigger than ever before.

As one follow European football (soccer) it can be seen that the best teams normally come from Spain and Germany. But, the English Premier League still draws more money and more viewers than any other European league. How come?

In the start of the 2016-17 season it was a tremendous amount of people interested in the Premier League. It wasn’t only because of the new players, but also because some of the worlds most famous coaches were to face one another in the new season. Yes, Paul Pogba became the most expensive player in the world as he signed for Manchester United. Zlatan Ibrahimovic might be old, but he still knows how to score goals, so with him playing in the Manchester United shirt didn’t make it less interesting. And then it was coaches such as Antonio Conte for Chelsea, Jose Mourinho for Manchester United, Arsene Wenger in Arsenal and of course Pep Guardiola in Manchester City.

With all these famous players and coaches, people interested in soccer are simply drawn to the screens. By the time we are writing this article it is still so interesting to follow the 2016-17 season, which soon will come to an end. Chelsea is in the lead, but there are several of the big teams breathing them in the neck. Who will win in the end? Will Jurgen Klopp manage to bring Liverpool back to their former glories, or will his time in Liverpool soon come to an end?

No wonder why you want to watch the Premier League in the USA, with or without a cable subscription!

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