YouTube TV soon to come to the USA

It is getting easier and easier to become a cable-cutter. Services like Fubo TV, Sling TV and DirectTV make it easy to stream your favorite TV channels without a cable subscription. Soon YouTube TV will enter the battle as well!

Maybe you have noticed it already, but watching content on a real TV channel included in your cable subscription is getting less and less normal. It is much easier to use a Smart TV to stream content from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Fubo TV, Sling TV, HBO Now or similar services, which will let you watch exactly what you want, whenever you want to do so.

Recently YouTube made the announcement that within a few weeks or months, their new YouTube TV service will launch. The YouTube TV will come at a basic price of 35 USD per month, but you can also pay extra to access extra TV channels or extra services such as football/soccer and much more.

YouTube TV coming soon

The biggest advantage with YouTube TV

One of the biggest advantages coming with YouTube TV is that you are allowed to use an unlimited amount of DVR. You can in other words record as many TV series, movies and programs you want, and watch them later whenever you want to. This is however still not as convenient as watching TV series on Netflix and Amazon Prime, because recording something actually requires you do tell YouTube TV to record the program in the first place. But, unlimited DVR storage still serves as a great plus with the upcoming YouTube TV.

Among the TV channels you will get access to on YouTube TV are ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC. These are amazing TV networks, and you can therefore watch next years Academy Awards live on ABC (on YouTube TV), you can stream the most popular TV series in the world named The Big Bang Theory live on CBS, you can see how Eric Carter is doing in 24: Legacy on Fox and you can find out who will win the 12th season of The Voice on NBC. And you will of course get access to much more in addition to the TV channels mentioned here.

YouTube TV for 35 USD per month

The price for YouTube TV is to be 35 USD per month. This is a fair price, and to make it even better, they will let it be used on six devices simultaneously (if we have understood it correct). At least they say the following at their own website: ” 6 accounts, 1 price.$35/month. Cancel anytime.” We understand it meaning that you can use it simultaneously with six different accounts, and if that is true, then that would be totally amazing!

There are some limitations concerning the broadcasting of NFL on mobile phones, due to some legal agreements between Verizon and NFL, but except from that, YouTube TV seems to be a service for everyone.

YouTube TV only in the USA

Now this is a very important fact that might make you sad. YouTube TV is a service only to become available in the United States. This is not an international product available for everyone, everywhere. YouTube TV is a service you can sign up for probably with a US Google account, and they will for sure block IP addresses from overseas and they might even block IP addresses used by VPN providers in order to give you an American IP address.

We do not know much about this yet, except from the fact that YouTube TV is only to become available in the United States. We are however planning to create an article soon on how you can sign up for, pay for, watch and stream YouTube TV in Europe and all other continents of the world, so come back for more information within shortly.

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