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One of the movies I looked forward to stream on Hulu in February 2019 was The Guilty. It arrived on the last day of the month, so I got to stream it in the start of March on a platform I normally use to watch TV series.

Hulu isn’t my favorite platform at all for streaming movies. It is mostly very boring, and the only reason to use Hulu is to stream the TV series I love from the biggest networks in the United States. But, sometimes there are some great stuff coming to Hulu, and The Guilty was such a movie. At least I thought it would be.

The Guilty review

The Guilty is a Swedish movie, and I normally enjoy Scandinavian movies a whole lot. Earlier I watched all four seasons of The Bridge on Hulu, a fantastic Swedish/Danish crime series that will get you entirely caught up, especially the first season. A few months ago, I got to read about the Department Q movies that also came to Hulu, and yet again I turned to Hulu in order to stream great Scandinavian content. The three movies were fantastic, and now I am just waiting for the fourth movie in the Department Q series to come to Hulu.

And then, as I wrote an article and create a Youtube movie presenting what was coming to Hulu in February 2019, I discovered The Guilty on the list of arrivals. I watched the trailer, and immediately I marked the date in my book and looked forward to its arrival.

Is it worth streaming The Guilty on Hulu?

I had no real clue about what the movie was all about before I sat down to watch it. I expected it to be a high-pace Scandinavian thriller that would be both scary, disgusting, and full of action and brutal violence at the same time. Let me tell you at once, that is not what I got!

The Guilty has thousands of fans out there, and it is a brilliant movie, but not in the way I expected. How come? The Guilty is what I would call an “art-movie.” This is a special movie, because the only actor really playing and doing something in the movie is Jakob Cedergren, in his role as Asger Holm, a policeman currently answering the phone on the emergency line in Sweden.

There are a few other characters we see in the movie, and we even hear their voices a couple of times, but that is in. In general, this is a movie all about Asger Holm, and it is all about him answering the phone and trying to help a lady that has called him at the emergency central. Can you imagine this? You are actually watching the face of Asger Holm through more than 80 minutes, without a stop. There are some changes in the scenery as he walks from one room to another, and there is also a change as he turns off the lights in the room and makes his surroundings dark. Besides that, this is a movie with few effects, and it all rests on the shoulders of the director and the acting of Jakob Cedergren.

Maybe I have scared you off writing this description, but you shouldn’t be. Considering the fact that it is standing completely still and all you do is watch the character of Asger Holm speak on the phone and sit in the office, it is an incredible story, and it was way more exciting than it sounds. It did had a few low points in which I considered giving up, but I have got to give credit to the creators for managing to create a movie like this one.

A review of The Guilty, a movie on Hulu
Watch Asger Holm throughout the entire movie… interesting, but a little bit boring

You should also notice that the movie has a 7,6/10 score on IMDb, while it has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 88% (audience score). Currently, the critics score on Rotten Tomatoes is 99%, but you shouldn’t give that too much focus. However, the scores clearly indicate that this is a popular movie and that those watching in cinemas worldwide left the theater with good feelings about a good experience and a nice movie.

If you do not want to watch The Guilty on Hulu?

If you do not want to watch The Guilty (Den Skyldige) on Hulu because it sounds to boring to you, go ahead and stream the Department Q movies on Hulu instead. They are packed with action, great action, some of the typical Scandinavian brutality, and they will for sure give you some great hours in front of the TV. And if that isn’t enough, continue by streaming the TV show The Bridge. It consists of 4 seasons with ten episodes in each, so you have some great days of streaming ahead of you as you first give it a go.

How to watch Hulu outside the United States?

Are you looking for a way to stream Hulu outside the United States? You can click the link much earlier in this article for information on how it can be done, or you can watch the following Youtube tutorial showing you how it can be done.

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How did you like The Guilty?

Have you seen the movie? How did you like it? I would love to hear your thoughts about the movie.

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