We have just tested the IvacyVPN speeds!

We have started 2019 with high speeds and lots of new content. And earlier today we got the chance to test the Ivacy VPN speeds. Were we satisfied?

We have been kind of lazy for a while, and thus we haven’t tried lots of new VPN providers. But, now we are back in business, and you can expect to read and see lots of new VPN reviews and speed tests coming.

Earlier today we did our first speed tests of Ivacy VPN ever, and we were blown away by the results we got. And let us tell you, not in a negative way!

The Ivacy VPN speed test

As always, we started the test with checking our own download speed. It was a quite cloudless day, and our startup download speed was 500 Mbps.

Then we connected to six different Ivacy VPN servers (just random servers), and here are the download speeds we got.

  • Australia: 127 Mbps
  • Denmark: 229 Mbps
  • Japan: 142 Mbps
  • United States: 180 Mbps
  • United Kingdom: 129 Mbps
  • Canada: 185 Mbps

All the tested servers gave us speeds above 100 Mbps, and we have never actually gotten so good results with any other VPN provider we have speed tested. Of course, we didn’t try all their servers, and we might have been very lucky… but still, these are the best results we have ever experienced from any VPN provider on the market.

We will do more speed testing of Ivacy VPN in the future, and we will also publish our brand new Ivacy VPN review in the coming weeks. In other words, get ready for more information about Ivacy VPN in our VPN reviews section.

Want to see what the Ivacy VPN speed test was like?

How did we do this speed test? In the following video you can see the live recording of the speed test!

Would you like to give Ivacy VPN a try? You can visit the Ivacy VPN website right here.

Have you got any Ivacy VPN experience that you would like to share? We would love to hear from you!

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