What a Champions League final!

After one of the strangest football seasons in history, we finally got to enjoy the final of the Champions League yesterday. Bayern München played against Paris St. Germain, and as expected, the German team won. But, it wasn’t an easy win, and with some precision, it could easily have ended up with a victory for the Parisian team instead.

As I watched the match, I felt a sense of excitement and happiness… this was a worthy final for this tournament. Both teams deserved to be there in the final, and even though the Germans were favorites due to a fantastic season, Mbappe and Neymar did their best to cause trouble for the Bayern defense.

Champions League finale 2020

The German possessed the ball, but PSG proved themselves to be dangerous whenever they got hold of the ball and managed to play the ball from their defense, through their midfield, for then to end up with the attackers. However, getting the ball to the attackers often was hard, due to the very structured and disciplined German team. Due to them attacking the ball from the first second as Navas passed it to one of the defenders, it became very hard for PSG to build up their play, and this cause lots of trouble and gave Bayern München some more chances than needed.

However, this was a fantastic football match, and a joy to the eye and to the soul of any football lover. Bayern München deserved the win, and in a season that has been changed utterly due to the coronavirus, this was the last match (except for the Super League final coming up between Bayern München and Sevilla). Now we only have a couple of weeks to prepare for the start of the Premier League. The French Ligue 1 has already started, meaning that we will not really have a break from football at all… The break we had was between March and May, now it will be hard work, exercising, and lots of streaming ahead!

It is also interesting to notice that UEFA is now considering to change the structure of the tournaments, based on the experiements they have made in the last months. Maybe they will do the knockout stage on neutral ground, and make it one match only. It would be better for the players, and maybe also for the audience?

So, forget about the summer-break from football. That has already taken place. Now it is time to get ready for the new seasons with lots of football and lots of fun!

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