What happened to the Bibox Community vote? Big-time action in the last minutes!

Bibox has just finished their first community vote in regards to adding new tokens to their platform. Bibox users could vote for eight different tokens, where the top two will be added to the platform within a couple of days.

If you follow my posts, you probably know that I am a big fan of Bibox. I like the platform, I like the design, and I like the tokens available on the platform. But, that doesn’t mean that I cannot be a skeptic at the same time. And just now, the first community token vote came to an end, and the way things happened in the last minutes, I have a feeling that someone tried to manipulate the vote in some kind of way. I am not accusing Bibox of doing so, but someone tried to manipulate it, that is for sure.

The result of the community vote

Beneath you can see a screenshot portraying the final results of the community vote. You can visit the actual website here.

bibox final vote
Here you can see the final results of the community vote

Now, there is nothing strange about these results if you take a look at them like this. RED won, while Instar ended up second and BCV ended up third. Looks good so far, doesn’t it?  Then what’s the problem?

The voting has lasted for one entire week. I have followed the vote throughout the entire time, and we have seen a quite steady growth in the number of votes. But, take a look at this screenshot made yesterday, about 21 hours before the finish of the vote.

If you take a close look at the picture, you will see that Instar had a nice lead, with BCV and MCO 30,000-40,000 votes behind.

Then, five hours before the end of the vote the score looked like this.

five hours
The score table five hours before the end of the vote

Instar is still in the lead with appx. 50,000 votes. RED is closing up, but it seems to be an easy win.

But, then something happened. In the very end of the voting process, RED votes got to know that they would get 1 BIX per vote if RED won. But, as the voting came to an end, the scores looked like this.

final result

The most interesting as you check the screenshot above is the large number of votes that came in the last hours. I checked Bibox 30 minutes before the end, and INSTAR was still in the lead, and the number of votes was only about 50% of the number in the end. But, as the voting came to an end, the results looked like you can see in the screenshot above. But, when the final results were announced, they looked like this, see screenshot beneath.

bibox final vote
Here you can see the final results of the community vote

There were rules about the removal of scam votes, fake votes, and abuse… so maybe that is what happened after the final whistle was blown before the end results were published. Luckily, it did not impact INSTAR nor RED, since they both kept their placements as top two, they just switched spots.

  • You might see that there are differences in the time of the clock on some of the screenshots. As Bibox automatically displays the time according to your timeline, the screenshots made by me are displayed in CET time, while screenshots made by others are shown with time according to their time zones.

What happened in the last minutes?

I was really hoping for Instar to win, but it doesn’t really matter if they ended up second, because they will still be added to Bibox. But, the way this all happened is mysterious. I have seen some people in chats discussing whether bots were used in the final stage of the voting process? But, they also say that anything can happen in the last minutes of such a vote and that everything is rigged.

It might be true, this all went on the way it normally does, and people saved up their votes for the final 30 minutes. I don’t know for sure, but it seems a bit drastic to me that in the last five hours more than 1,400,000 votes were added to the top three candidates. Since each vote costs one BIX token, that means more than 1,120,000 USD were spent on voting in the last hours, and especially in the last 30 minutes. Now, that might be normal, as a whale with lots of tokens might easily earn that money back quickly with such a token listing, but it still feels suspicious to me.

Now, I am not saying anything for sure, I am not accusing Bibox, bots, or whales of anything, I am just saying that it feels strange. My strongest guess would in fact be bots trying to manipulate the voting process in the last minutes, but I am not sure.

I do hope everything happened according to the rules, and if that is so, I want to say congratulations to RED and INSTAR on their victories, and I look forward to doing trading with them on Bibox in the future.

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