Bibox application available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

Bibox is one of my favorite trading platforms, and recently they released applications for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android systems. Have you tried them yet? Here are my thoughts!

Not long time ago I wrote an article titled “Five Gems on Bibox.” If you haven’t read it yet, check it out. The gems have increased a lot in value since I originally wrote that article, but they are still gems, and absolutely worth checking out. Since then I have discovered lots of other gems on Bibox as well, meaning that I could easily write a brand new article about those. Instead, I will now write a little article about the new applications released by Bibox.

Until now, all trading has been done in browsers, but now you can trade using the different Bibox applications. So, I decided to take a look at them, and here are my short thoughts on the applications.

The Bibox application for Windows

To be honest, this is a crappy application. I am a big fan of Bibox, but at the moment the application is nothing more than an interface showing the website of Bibox. It has no extra functions, and it just feels unnecessary. The fact that my virus detector also detected a virus in it doesn’t come as a plus. I know it probably came without a virus, but often virus detectors react to crypto related programs that you download from unknown sources. But, to sum it up quickly – I have already deleted the application!

The Bibox application for Windows is a piece of crap. Use your browser instead!
The Bibox application for Windows is a piece of crap. Use your browser instead!

The Bibox application for iOS systems

I wasn’t allowed to install it, as the application wasn’t approved by the App Store yet.

The Bibox application for Android systems

It was easy to download, and I had to install the .apk file manually, meaning that I had to confirm that it could be dangerous to install packages from unknown sources. After installing the application opened, and it was really nice. Below you can see two screenshots showing you a bit what the Bibox application for Android is like.

Bibox app 1
The Android version of the Bibox application
Bibox app 2
The Android version of the Bibox application

The nice thing about the application is that it makes trading on Bibox much easier. On a small phone screen it can often be tricky to type the numbers, look at the graphs, and do the trading, but with the application, it is easier and looks much better. You can easily create a list of favorites, look at traders, set orders, transfer funds and keep an overview of the markets. It is also easy to get the latest news from Bibox.

So, if you are an Android user the Bibox application might be a really nice thing to install on your phone. If you use any other platform you should wait for improvements to come and do some browser trading on Bibox until then.



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