What is formjacking? Do I need to be careful?

Have you heard about people stealing your credit card details as you use your card in machines and in ATMs? Formjacking is the same activity, except for the fact that it happens online. You don’t even know about it, because the thieves steal your data without you knowing about it.

Formjacking is the activity of hacking all those forms you use online. Whenever you purchase something online, you leave your data by filling out forms. Normally, your information will go directly to the seller, and everyone is happy. But, if someone has hacked the forms, then things behave a bit differently.


So what is formjacking?

When someone steals your data, the trick is that you don’t even know about it. As a result, you give away your personal information, address, and credit card details, and all the information is given on to the seller. Everything is happening according to plan. But, in the background, the hackers have hacked the forms, making sure that they get a copy of all the information shared in the forms. This happens without the buyer and/or the seller knowing anything about it.

In other words, this takes place without your knowledge.

What can you do about formjacking?

As a user/buyer, there is not really much you can do about it. Big companies such as British Airways have suffered from formjacking, meaning that this can happen at the biggest sites, and also at smaller business sites. In other words, you are at risk whenever you hand out your payment information online.

But, to lower the risks, make sure to use some sort of second layer of authentication for payments. For example, some banks will require you to confirm any purchase with an SMS, email, or some other second layer authentication method. That can help.

There are some companies that help you use “different” card numbers at all purchases, meaning that you never use the same number twice.

No matter what, it is always wise to pay attention to any movement on your account. This can happen through SMS services or other notification methods. This will help you quickly discover activities not meant to be there, which again will make you able to stop any attack and abuse quickly.

Paying attention to your banking activities is a good piece of advice, no matter what! It will help you stop hackers and thieves quickly!

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